Fun In The Underwater Sun ~A One Direction WEM FanFic~

This is for the 1Shot41D Comp. Yes, im going to join this contest because i am that awesome. Um... hmmm... well its gonna be about me and Vic (Falling_ForYou21)... cuz me and Vic are bros.. Well... um THIS WILL HAVE ONE CHAPTER... it will be a very long chapter... and it wont end with 'AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER'. thats to cliche... and cheesey. So... Enjoy?


1. 1Shot41D ~Victoria and Courtney~



My eyes fluttered open to only be momentarly blinded. I cursed under my breathe and closed my eyes, jumped to my feet and shuffled towards the window to find the blinds. I quicky cover the glass with the purple material, making the light stop shining through. My pink room was darkened.


I sighed deeply and trudged to my chestnut brown dresser. I tugged on the drawers, making them fly open with a bit to much force, making me stumble backwards, and almost falling on my butt, yet somehow I stayed stable on the plush carpet. I rummaged around the bottom of the drawer looking for something suitable to wear.


Finally, I pulled out a pair of dark blue out jeans, a black tank top, and a purple, green, and black plaid three quater shirt. Today, would be a good day. "Just a great day..." I sighed deeply, changing into the fabric.


I had an odd feeling, like my posters of Harry, Louis and Niall were watching me... I dont know why I felt only 3/5 looking at me, but I did... I must have hit my head or something. I thudded towards my snow white door and opened it swifty. The door flew open as I watched my brother tumble in like a gymnist, landing at my feet. "Good Morning to you too..." I laughed gleefully.


He scurried to his feet and ran. Did my hair look that bad? I quickly dashed around the cornnor to where the bathroom lay and flicked on the lights. I thrust my curling irons plug into the wall plug-in. The lights flickered for a bit, then totally went out, right when I was doing my hair. The curling iron was out of power too and it started to go cold again. "Damn it." The power was out. Either that, or cut.


"COURTNEYYY" A voice screamed from my basement. "WHATTTT" I screamed back slightly aggravated. "I CANT SEEE" She shrieked. "WELL NIETHER CAN I!" I shot back. It was silent for a moment. "COURTNEY SERIOUSLY." I shook my head and went towards the stair. I stomped down rather loudly. Vic sat in the middle of the floor, the windows were open so she could see. I whinned "Whaaaattttt" Vic looked at me. "WE NEED TO GO SOON!" she jumped up. "Go...." I hinted on that I had no flying cadoodling idea where she was heading with her little tale.


Here let me catch you up. Vic lived in San Fransisco USA. I live in Edmonton Canada.Vic moved with me after highschool. I am also just under a year younger then her.


"Go SHOPPING! wait, Canadians shop, right?" she asked.

As you can tell, even with a week with her here, she has no idea. AND ITS ONLY SUMMER! I'm absolutly dreading winter.


 "Yes Vic. We shop." I shook my head. "WELL LETS GO!" She grabbed my arm and yanked me back up the stairs. "Aye Carumba! Careful girly!" I pouted displeased, swatting at her hand clutching my arm. "Sorry. But lets go! I'll drive!" she cheered. I groaned again.

Please dont let her drive. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT LET HER DRIVE. She grabbed my car keys and dashed through the door.

"Vic, your shoes..." I giggled. She frowned and looked down at her bare feet. "oops." I zipped up my second boot as she threw on her toms. "LEGGO!" She shouted.



"SLOW DOWN VIC! THE SPEED LIMIT IS 80! NOT..." I looked over at her speedometer. "100!" I complained. Vic mumbled something about me being a kill joy, and no fun. WELL SORRY FOR BEING SAFE!

A familiar beat was in the backround. I reached over and turned it up, only to sing with my un-tuned singing voice.



'Happy Valentines Day Listeners! That was One Direction, She's Not Afraid!" The Radio Host beamed... Right, Valentines day. Reminding me im single... goodie. "NO WE'RE FOREVER ALONEEEE" Vic yelled at the radio angrily. Weirdo.


She pulled up to WEM (West Edmonton Mall.) and shrieked. "DOES IT HAVE AEROPOSTALE? WHAT ABOUT AN AMUSMENT PARK? OOHHH I KNOW," she jumped up and down excitedly. "lasenza girl" she whispered and started runing across the parking lot. I took a picture of the spot we were in and followed her.


She stepped in the entrance and stopped, mouth hung open. "They have a WATERPARK!" she yelled. "Well, there was a big sign on the side of the building that said 'Waterpark' in big blue letters..." I smirked. She frowned at me and slapped me on the head. "ow?" I moaned rubbing my head. "You deserve it for being sarcastic. "Wow, jee thanks." I sarcastically mumbled. She was about to slap me again but I held back her hand. "No." I sturnly chastised.


"Can we go!" she begged and showed me puppy eyes. "We don't have swim suits..." I trailed off. "But, but but..... we ARE at a mall! Cant we just BUY one?!?!?!" she pointed out. I groaned. "Fine. ONE though... only o-" "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" She cheered, interuppting me. For a weird reason, I was the responsible one, at the moment anyway. I had a really bad habit of over spending. Like REALLY bad, so this trip worried me. Alot.


We sprinted over to Aeropostale. "OH LOOK AT THIS ONE!" Vic yelled picking up a bright yellow bathing suit. It read 'BONANANAAA' on the boobs with a monkey on the butt. It was cute. Not sure why it was in Aeropostale but... Whatever.


"Court, you should get this one!" She smiled, holding the yellow suit. "Alright." I agreed. Vic threw it at me and skipped down the isle, looking for one of her own. 10 minutes later, she came back holding a bikini that said 'Imagination!' in big white letters on the butt, and tye-dye rainbow. It was actually really cool. We headed to the cashier, smiled, payed, and booked it to the water park.


"Im so excited!" Vic bounced in the line. "Its just the water park!" I giggled. "DOESNT IT HAVE A BIG WAVE POOL THOUGH?!?!" She yelled. People glared at us. "Sorry..." I smiled apologetically at them. "Yes Vic, but it has waterslides too." Vic just shrugged. "Ill try a few." I shook my head. She was the kill joy really, not me.


 Time flew by quickly, as we got to the cashier, we payed and grabbed one of thoose complementary towels that I never really noticed before. I changed into the bikini, wet myself down with the showers and jogged to the pool. I would have ran but trust me, I'd fall on my face.


"IM GOING TO SIT ON THE CHAIRS!" Vic screamed at me. "IM GOING TO THE SKYSCREAMER EXTRME!" I yelled back. Vic nodded as I ran up the colorful steps.


I loved these types of things. Roller Coasters, Water Slides, Any attraction really. Im a dare devil. Yet im scared of silly things like spiders, weird.


Anyway, I climbed up the purple stairs. Once I got to the top, I noticed 5 boys there. I groaned to myself.


 I would have to wait, but these guys, looked familiar. One had blonde hair that clung to his head, probably from being wet from the water, another had brown hair, he was quite tall and was jumping around, his also clung to his head, the third had a shaven head as he shook his head at three of the boys trying to push another in. The boy they were pushing had black hair, that wasnt wet. Wonder why. The last boy had long hair that was stringy, obviously from the water again. I walked closer and stood behind them


"PLEASE DONT MAKE ME GOOOOO I HATE WATER!" The boy with dry hair whinned. "Oh come on Zayn! Its not that bad!" the boy with stringy hair said. "Harry, let Zayn go." The boy with the shaved head demanded. Stringy boy, who I suppose is 'Harry', reluctantly let go of him. The boy ran down the stairs. 


I shook my head and chuckled. The boys turned in shock, probably thinking they were the only ones up there. "DONT SCREAM PLEASE!" The boy with blonde hair yelled quietly, If thats possible, That boy achieved it. His accent was quite strong. He must have been, Irish? "Yes please! We'll sign  ANYTHING! Don't give us away!" The boy with the brown hair moaned. He had an British accent.


Vic appeared from behind me. "Jesus Courtney, I thought you di-" She stopped mid-scentence and looked up in front of me. "O-O-One DIRE-" I clamped my hand over her mouth. HOW COULD I NOT NOTICE THEM! I KNEW THEY WERE FAMILIAR! BUT THEIR MY IDOLS! Stupid Stupid Stupid! "Shhhh" I said. The bo- I mean Harry sighed. "So obviously shes a fan. "And stares at you guys to much..." I mumbled.


Obviously Vic wasn't pleased by that comment. I felt her tounge lick my hand. "EW EW EW" I yelled pulling my hand away from her mouth. "Gross" I groaned. The boys chuckled.


After a bit of a silence, Vic spoke up. "Well, I'm Victoria, but you can called me Vic." She smiled, "And im Courtney, but you can call me anything accept the nickname I loath." I frowned at the last part. "And that would be..." Liam stated. "Court-Neigh-Neigh" I sighed. Louis started laughing. I frowned and pushed him into the open capsual. I turned the knob and watched his horror stricken face. 'Three... Two.... One' The robotic voice counted down to Louis drop. Louis glared at me one last time before being shot down the tube.

Harry started rolling on the floor laughing, which caused me to follow, followed by Niall, Vic and Liam. It was pretty funny. He didnt expect a thing! Well, maybe a slap, But no, Not a push, From me.


 I got up from the floor and sighed. "Whos next." Vic chuckled. "DIBS OUT" Myself, Harry, Liam, and Niall yelled. "I hate you all." Vic frowned. "But I know you love me," I started. "I know you care..." Niall continued. "Just shout whenever..." Liam chuckled. "and I'll be there..." Harry laughed. "STOP GOING HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ON ME!" Vic yelled as she was dropped.


"Dibs out." I sighed as she fell. "DIBS OUT!" Niall and Harry yelled. All three of us high fived as Liam headed to the tube. The walk of shame. "One." the voice said, skipping the first numbers, Totally catching Liam by surprise.


"Dibs Out!" Harry yelled. "DIBS OUT!" Me and Niall yelled at the same time. Me and Niall both glared at each other. "WHO SAID IT FIRST!" We both whinned, keeping the eyes contact. "Well...." Harry started. "I heard Courtney..." I fist pumped triamphly.

"But Harry!" Niall whinned showing puppy eyes. "Sorry mate, but Courtneys puppy eyes are worse." Harry apologized. Niall looked my way as I gave him my most Helpless, Innocent, Caring look I have ever done. Niall grumbled as he took his place in the tube.


"Now who." We both said as Niall fell. "Well... we could have a contest." Harry smirked. "Like...." I smirked back. "Who can surprise the other..." Harry smiled cheekly. "One move?" I smiled. "One Move." he agreed. "You first!" I giggled. Harry shrugged his shoulders. He leaned in and placed his lips on mine. It felt like little fire works through my body, and a good tingle. I smiled. "Did you feel the same?" I started. "Sparks?" He nodded. We smiled. "By the way, that surprised me." I chuckled. "Really!" he smiled cheekly. "Yea, but not as much as im going to surprise you..." I smiled deviously. "How." he smirked. "This is how." I pushed him in the capsul as his face turned shocked. "Told you!" I cheered as I went toward the other tube. Yes, there were two, One open (People can see you fall), and One closed (People cant see you fall), As well as diffrent colors (Open was Yellow and Closed was Purple).


 I climbed in the yellow slide and waited for the count down. my legs cross and my arms over my chest. It release me and I plumitied down the slide as a fast pace. When I reached the bottom, I opened my eyes, but quickly closed them. "PDA" I shouted.

When I re opened my eyes as Vic and Niall seperated and blushed. I shook my head. "Its not like you didnt kiss Harry!" Vic smirked. "I didnt PDA though!" I giggled. "WE are in a public place Court." She pointed out. I grumbled.

I felt arms around my waist. Unless it was a random creeper, im guessing it was Harry. I giggled and looked up to see Harry. "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but take my number, and call me maybe?" His warm breathe tickled my ear. I laughed. "Sure why not." Harry smiled a smile that must have been a billion watts.

"So what slide next!" Louis yelled energetically. I laughed. "The Pink One!" I said pointing to the pink one with a loop in it. The boys started running. "Told You So." Vic smiled, Chasing after them. So she did tell me. I was right this morning too, It was going to be a good day, And it just started! "Happy Valentines Day." I smiled to myself. "Happy Valentines Day indeed."



This is obviously for the One Direction contest. Dont copy. I will find out. Thanks for reading this too!

Much Love


p.s - The Victoria Charcter is Falling_ForYou21 so check her out :3

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