{Harry Styles Love Story}
"You can't protect me forever" Brenna whispered
Harry tilted her chin, so she was looking up at him.
"But I can try" Harry replied, in a hushed tone.

* * *
Harry & Brenna's Relationship is complicated. One Day it's all fun and games, the next he is ready to say goodbye. It's just so complicated. Will this Love last? Yes? No?


2. Chapter 2. Finally!

Brenna's P.O.V.

After a long car ride I could finally start to see the crowded New York streets.

"My lord! That's the longest I've ever drived" Megan Sighed. I chuckled

"Well you hungry?" Megan asked

"Hell to the yes" I replied

"Okie Dokie" Megan chuckled I pulled out my Iphone5 and unlocked it. I pressed the Instagram icon. I pressed the little blue box to take a picture. I pretended to be pecking Megan's cheek while Megan did a little dramatic smile. I took the picture and laughed. I clicked the arrow which meant save. I posted a comment : @thisismegann BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! :)x I posted the picture on Instagram. I got instant likes and comments saying: Happy Birthday:) or Love ju B! or YEAH BUDDY!!! 18 but that's mostly it.

"Wanna go to Nandos?" Megan winked, she was always a Niall girl. I smiled

"LEGGO TO NANDOS" I mocked her in an Irish accent. Megan laughed.

"You're wish is my command" Megan replied. I smiled.

I turned up the radio and Girl On Fire By: Alica Keys was on.

"THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEEEE THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEE SHE'S WALKING ON FIREEEEE THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEEE" Me and Megan sang from the top of our lungs. We broke down into a fit of laughter.


"We are her my love" Megan played around.

"About damn time!" I yelled sarcastically.

We both got out the car and locked arms. We walked into Nandos.

"Table for 2" Megan commanded.


Harry's P.O.V.

"Please Paul!" Niall begged. Right now Niall was complaining that he was going to "die from hunger if he doesn't go to the ONLY Nandos in New York" What a lad! He just ate.

"Niall you're going to be seen, and we can't have that" Paul sighed

"Please Paul! We'll ware hoodies! Please!" Niall begged


"Fine-" Paul was cut off by Niall cheering. We all laughed.

"Let me finish" Paul chuckled

Niall nodded.

"If you lads get caught you call security IMEDITLY!" Paul exaggerated. We all nodded

"LEGGO!" Niall yelled. We all put on our sunglasses and hoods up.

"Should we walk?" Liam asked as we got outside.

"Yea" Niall replied

I saw there where already plenty of fans everywhere! We tried our best to get out of the crowd of girls. To my surprise we haven't been recognized yet. Liam sighed in relief as we approached Nandos.

"I'm surprised we didn't get mobbed or lost" Zayn said in utterly shock.

"Me too" I said in the same tone as him.

"ME THREE" Lou scram.

"LOUIS!" Liam yelled

"Sorry" Lou whispered. I shook me head and laughed. We walked into Nandos. I heard laughter, a lot of laughter.

"Table for 5" Liam tried his best to hide his accent but failed. The lady Nodded.

She guided us to a table with 5 chairs, I saw 2 beautiful girls laughing right across from our table. I smirked. I took my seat next to Zayn and Niall. With Lou, and Liam across from us. I stared at the Blonde girl, the way her laugh was perfect, and the way she had to hold her stomach cause she was laughing so much that it, and the way her teeth where perfect and her blonde hair was beautiful, She was stunning. I felt Zayn nudge my stomach.

"Oi" I groaned and heeled my stomach.

"Mate your drooling" Zayn chuckled.

"Harry? Drooling?" Lou asked in disbelief I smirked.

"Over who?" Liam asked

"I wanna hear this" Niall chuckled

"Right over there" Zayn said pointing his head in the direction of the two girls. I bent my head down and rubbed my eyes, while sighing. Oh boy.

Liam and Lou turned there head to see who the girls where. I saw Lou get up.

"Oh Jesus" I muttered to myself.


Brenna's P.O.V.

"Megan you're gonna get us kicked out!" I laughed

"What? I'm doing nothing" Megan chuckled. I shook my head and laughed. My eyes landed on a boy, wearing a grey hoodie, and sunglasses walking over to us. What? Should I run. I looked around. Where is everyone??? What if I die today??? Nonono! I sighed Brenna calm down. The boy came over to our table and gave us a smirk. JESUS I CAN'T DIE ON MY BIRTHDAY!

"Hey" He spoke trying to cover up an accent. His voice? It sounded so familiar.

"Hi" I replied

"What's you're name love?" He asked

"Um You tell me your's first" I replied

"Aye, Sassy, Eh?" He asked

"Her names Brenna" Megan answered for me adding an eye roll. The boy turned his head to Megan, and smirked.

"And yours, love?" He spoke referring to her name.

"Megan" Megan replied

"Megan and Brenna eh?" He asked

"Yes, now what's you're name?" I asked

"That doesn't matter, now does it?" He asked

"Yes" I replied

"Okay fine my name is Kevin"  He said. For some reason I don't believe him.

"Now how come I don't believe you?" I asked

"Ah Caught in a lie" He chuckled

"What's your name?" I asked one last time. He sighed and bent down so his face was inches away from mine.

"Promise me you won't tell anyone" He whispered I could feel his hot breathe.

"Promise" I mocked him.

"Louis" He answered. Louis? Wait like Louis Tomlinson?

"Take off you're hood and sunglasses" I demanded

"Don't scream" He smirked and did as told. My jaw dropped. I WAS RIGHT.

"Hi Brenna, I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson" He chuckled and pulled his hand out so I can shake it. I did as told.

"I'm Brenna and this Is Megan" I said and introduced Megan. He nodded and gestured to the chair. I nodded, he sat down.

"Okay, So you obviously know who I am, so I'm not going to lie my curly haired mate over there can't keep his eyes off you" Louis whispered

"And.." I smirked knowing he was talking about Harry Styles!

"And... Can you go talk to him?" Louis grinned with hopeful eyes.

I looked at Megan and she nodded.

"Fine" I chuckled

"Great! Now would you two beautiful ladies, like to join us for lunch?" He asked

"Sure" Megan replied. He nodded, and got up. We followed, Louis to his table I took a look at Megan and she grinned.

"Harry here's the girl that your are madly in love with" Louis chuckled I saw the guy that was staring at me earlier look up from his phone. He looked me up and down then grinned.

"Hello, Beautiful. Do you have a name?" He asked

"Brenna" I chuckled

"And you love?" He asked Megan.

"Megan" She replied.

"Well nice meeting you, Brenna and Megan, fancy eating some lunch?" Liam asked.

"Sure" Megan replied, he grinned. I bit my lip damn there sexy!

"Zayn, get up let Brenna sit there" Harry grinned. Zayn nodded. I sighed and walked over to Harry. I sat next to him.

"I'm Harry" He whispered in my ear, making me get chills down my back.  I leaned back in my chair.

"And your beautiful" He copied my actions and whispered in my ear.





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