My One and Only

Sarah is sixteen and lives in edmonton Alberta . She has always wanted to meet the famous band One Direction. She meets the man of her dream, but will but will it last?


24. You're Not Going To Believe This....



Finally Alley is awake, no more pressure and worrying. I stayed with her the whole entire time while she was in that state. Harry had to leave sometimes with the boys to record some songs for their new album. Whenever they were all in the room, Harry would be right by Alley holding her hand. Once, he had shown me the gift he had bought her, I think it is magnificent, she is going to love it! Niall gave me my present from him, it is a ring and now we are engaged. But we won't tell Alley until she gets out on the hospital just to make sure.




I was so happy to have her back in my arms, knowing that she is better and alive. Everyday when I would look at her, it pained me so much that I was constantly in tears and never leaving her side. I can't wait to have some time alone with her.




I woke up the next day, I believe. The room was quiet besides the beeping of the monitors. No one was in the room, which was odd. Where is everyone? They can't be that far, so I decided to watch TV. I flipped through the channels and found nothing really interesting on, I turned my head to study my room the best I can and noticed my phone beside me. I grabbed it and noticed a lot of texts. Ten from people I went to school with, some from my family. I replied to them saying that I am fine, gonna ask the doctor when I can be dispatched and be able to go back home. I also texted Sarah, Hey, where are you guys? As I finished the text, I noticed the doctor coming into my room. I presume it was to check up on me and to give me my medicines.


"How are you feeling?" he had asked.


"Better now, not feeling dizzy, or anything but a little sick." I told him.


"That's from the medication." He affirmed, holding a clipboard in his hand. The smile on his face disappeared.


"What's wrong?" I asked him as I panicked.


"Umm, w-well, you're not going to believe this..." He stuttered...


I looked at him, what does he mean? Am I going to die? Do I have a major concussion? I thought of every type of worse scenarios possible. I was panicking really badly. The group came in the room looking at my face worriedly. 

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