My One and Only

Sarah is sixteen and lives in edmonton Alberta . She has always wanted to meet the famous band One Direction. She meets the man of her dream, but will but will it last?


21. Who Are You?

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, I haven't been able to go onto the computer because I have been to the hospital lately.....





I see a whole bunch of doctors coming into the room. It started to scare me when they kicked us out. What was going on?! I kept hearing the doctors screaming and the beeping noises. I felt a hand go over mine, I looked up and noticed Ed holding it. I didn't flinch, it was comforting at the moment.  Harry had his head on the wall by the door, trying to get in but the doctors had locked the door. Twenty minutes passed by, when finally a doctor came out of the room. I woke up Harry, he fell asleep on Ed with his head on his shoulder. Harry's eyes were still red and puffy. When I woke him up, he instantly sat up looking at the doctor concerned.




"Alley, sweetie you have grown up so much!" I heard a voice in the white light. It sounded like a female and it sounded familiar.


"Sarah, is that you?" I asked hoping it was her.


"No, but she is worried about you, I can tell same with Harry. They really care about you." They voice told me.


"If you're not Sarah, then who are you?" I asked.


"Alley, its your mom." she replied.


"No, my mom is at home possibly at the hospital at the moment and standing by my bed." I insisted.


"No sweetie, I got into a car crash a couple of years ago. I passed away on the scene due to the impact. I rolled over into the ditch because a car came into my lane and wouldn't go back into his." she replied.

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