My One and Only

Sarah is sixteen and lives in edmonton Alberta . She has always wanted to meet the famous band One Direction. She meets the man of her dream, but will but will it last?


13. My Past



BUZZ!! My phone vibrated. I looked at it and noticed two texts, one from Harry and Sarah. I read Harry's text message first, Hey babe, cant wait to see you tonight- H xx That made me smile and I decided to look at Sarah's text after, ALLEYBEAR come over tonight k??? The boys want to see both of us :)


I wonder why, but I texted her back saying that I would be coming around five-ish. I had  about three before I would go over. I walked to the kitchen and make a grilled cheese sandwich then decided to watch some TV. There was actually one showed I quite enjoyed. Bones, I started watching it when my mom first met my step-dad, Dave. She met him when I was maybe 9 or 10. After I finish high school, I want to go to the UofA ( University of Alberta) and learn forensic science. Dave is really nice. Way better than my dad.

When I was 7, my parents were together, and they were happy, until one night, he comes home drunk one weekend. He starts abusing my mom, she tried keeping it quiet but not my dad. I would be up hearing this and I was terrified, of course being so young, I just lied in my bed crying away. I was hearing all of the smacking noises, hearing the stuff off the wall hit the carpet floor, and the big thump from the coffee table being flipped over. This was going on for about two years until my mom filed a divorce. After three years, she finally met Dave. He has two sons, one is Walker and he is the youngest being nine years old. The other is Darren he is the same age as me. I got along with Walker alot while Darren got along with my half brother, Jacob. My dad is happily engaged, I am happy for him. I don't seem him anymore though.


Ever since I yelled at him before I went to a summer camp, I wanted to know when I could come over to his place for the weekend when I came back, he said "I don't know Al." That's when i blew it, I had a huge argument with him that lasted two days. He was saying that he was constantly asking my mom if I was busy for a certain weekend, I was, with school, sports and friends. He said he texted my mom all the time, she showed me the texts, but he never did. I WAS the one who was constantly picking a weekend when I could come over. It was like that for months. I was on the phone with him for two or three hours the first day before I went over to a friend's. It was fantastic, it took my mind off things. Until after school the next day, he called again, we continued our fight until I told him, "I am done deciding when I come over, now it's your turn!" before I hung up to finish my homework. I was crying, but my mom and Dave stood by my side and supported me when I was off the phone with my dad.


After two hours, I finally got up to get ready, I couldn't wait to see my Hazza!


(A/N what I said about Alley's past, that is actually my past, the names that I mentioned, are my real family. I hated my childhood but what's done is done I guess, I can't go back and fix it.... But that's the cycle of life, but anyways, what do you think of it so far? I know it doesn't mention the gift yet, but I thought you might want to know more about Alley's past. maybe favorite or like my movella? and hopefully show your friend's this? Thank you guys so much! Also I won't be able to update this over the weekend, Going to BC with my cousin and IDK if they have wifi there... so I will update it when I come back, I promise!!)

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