My One and Only

Sarah is sixteen and lives in edmonton Alberta . She has always wanted to meet the famous band One Direction. She meets the man of her dream, but will but will it last?


10. Last Day


Niall's POV

Finally done the tour, and going back to Edmonton to visit Sarah and Alley. It is Sarah's birthday tomorrow and i plan on getting her the perfect gift. Her and I have been skyping every night while on tour. She told me that it is the last day of school so that means two months to be back with her. Alley and Harry are still going out too, it's good to know that he is finally happy. You could tell he was talking to her on the phone all of the time, he would come back to the group with a huge grin on his face and start blushing. Louis is in a relationship with a wonderful woman, Eleanor, she makes him laugh and makes sure he is in a good mood all of the time. Liam had broken up with Danielle about a month ago. He has taken it pretty hard, I guess it ended because she hadn't had much time lately since she has been modeling and they hadn't talked for months before they broke up. It was weird considering they would always text and always skype every night before Liam went to bed. Zayn had met a girl he really likes, her name is Perrie. They had met at backstage during one of our concerts. They have been talking ever since that night.

"Flight 189, please get ready for your departure. The plane will be ready in fifteen minutes." the lady on the intercom noted.

"That's us." Harry smiled as we grabbed our suitcases. Butterflies rushed to my stomach, knowing that I will see Sarah in 5 hours. After ten minutes getting checked and everything, we were finally on the plane. We found our seats and sat down. I was sitting beside Louis and Harry. They were in their own conversations, so I took out my phone and went on twitter. I was reading all of my fans tweets. There was a mixture of hate and love in them but the one who caught my eye the most was "@Niallofficial why her? She is an ugly whore you deserve so much more!" I read that a couple of times and tears starting rolling. The boys looked at me, "What's wrong mate?" they asked. I showed them the tweet. "Don't listen to them, they are jealous that she is dating you, and they have nothing else to do except for bringing people down." Liam told me.

I got my phone back and wrote, "On the plane to see my wonderful @Niallsprincess! Love you babe!" before the intercom comes on telling everyone to turn off all electronics.

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