My One and Only

Sarah is sixteen and lives in edmonton Alberta . She has always wanted to meet the famous band One Direction. She meets the man of her dream, but will but will it last?


2. Is it?

"Are you coming or not?!" my friend Alley asked while dragging me down the steps. I couldn't believe this was happening, the boys are here for a meet and greet! We have been dreaming about this day for ages.

"Maybe Niall will finally notice you!" Alley said while lightly punching my arm. Her and I have been best friends since kindergarten, I remember how it happened. She was all alone in the corner playing with her toys, I felt sad so I walked over.

"Hi, I am sarah, what's your name?" I asked her.
"Alley." she mumbled while looking at her toys.
"Can I play with you?" I questioned while sitting down beside her. She nodded her head and we played all day until it was time to go home.

Finally we made it to West Edmonton Mall and found a lot of fans in a line leading to a table. Butterflies rushed into my stomach, But I ignored them by talking to Alley. Before I know it, we were at the table with the boys signing merchandises.

"Hi there love!" Harry winked at me, I smiled back, speechless. I walk down to the end of the table to the last member, Niall.

"Hi Nialler!" I managed to say with a huge smile while giving him my poster to sign. He mumbled something, signing the poster while looking down.
I was about to leave and wait for my friend, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning around, I see a boy with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
"You are forgetting something." niall said.
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