My One and Only

Sarah is sixteen and lives in edmonton Alberta . She has always wanted to meet the famous band One Direction. She meets the man of her dream, but will but will it last?


17. Flashbacks



Seeing her body like this makes me sick, it brings all of the memories we made to me and i start bursting out into more tears. I put my head into Niall's chest.




It was during our summer break two years ago. Alley and I were hanging out at her place. We were sitting on the trampoline outside while watching videos on YouTube on her laptop. She tried making me listen to One Direction songs.


"Come on Sarah, at least listen to this one song!" Alley pleaded me.


I finally gave in, and listened to them. She kept looking at me and watching my reaction to the song. She pointed out the boys and told me who they were. I must admit, they were pretty good, and the one with the curly hair and the blonde one were cute. We decided to watch One direction videos all day until I had to go home.





It was a school night, and Alley's parents were on a business trip to the States, but she couldn't come, so she came over instead. It must have been roughly around 3 in the morning when her and I were watching TV. We were watching an old episode of The X Factor, and of course it was when One Direction was on it.  We watched it and were very happy that they didn't get voted off. After a few minutes later, we walked to my room to go to bed. We got changed, Alley slept on my bed while I slept on my floor.


"Sarah, what would you do if you ever met One Direction?" Alley asked me.


"I have no idea, to be honest. Probably fangirl, cry. Or even more. What about you?" I replied.


"Probably freak out, and possibly pass out." I laughed at her answer. I think any directioner would do that.




"Please don't leave us Alley, I don't know what I would do without you!" I whispered, hoping she would her me.


"Why don't you try going to sleep okay love?" Niall asked me. I nodded my head and closed my eyes.


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