My One and Only

Sarah is sixteen and lives in edmonton Alberta . She has always wanted to meet the famous band One Direction. She meets the man of her dream, but will but will it last?


11. Birthday Shopping



I was staring at the ceiling while laying under my blanket in my bed. Lots of thoughts came through my mind, such as what to do when Niall came over. Instead, I decided to got into the shower. I turned on the taps letting the water run, I kept on feeling the water to see if it was at a decent temperature I could handle. I quickly became undressed from my pajamas and hopped in the shower. I stood there, letting the water run down my naked body.  I finished washing my hair and body and hopped out of the shower and walked back into my bedroom. I had my towel wrapped around my body as I walked into my closet to get some clothes. I stood in there, thinking of what to wear while the water droplets from my hair is falling onto my towel. After five minutes, I finally picked out a pair of blue skinny jeans, a red shirt that had said Forever Young on the front.I got changed and grabbed my phone then decided to walk into the living room to watch TV. There was absolutely nothing on TV so I changed my mind and went on my phone. I texted Niall, Hey Niall, I know you are on the plane, but just wanted to say that I miss you and cant wait to see you tonight <3



"We recommend you please stay in your seats while we are landing into Edmonton International Airport." The flight attendant told everyone on the plane. We finally made it! I couldn't hold my excitement, same with the boys. When we got our luggage, the airport was swarmed with screaming fans. Paul had a hard time trying to get them out of our way, he had to get the airport securities to help out.


"Ready to run boys?" we managed to hear from Paul, we nodded our heads. "RUN!" He shouted to us.


We booked it to the van and left the airport. Paul drove us the store so I can get Sarah's birthday gift. Finally, we reached the store, I walked over to the cashier, "Hi, what can I do for you today?" the clerk asked me. I told her what I wanted,


"Ok, I will grab it for you." she told me before she left.


The cashier came back out with the gift and headed towards the cashier  to go pay, when all of the sudden, Harry came out and said, "Wait one second please,"he stopped her before I gave her my bank card.


"Yes, what do you want sir?" she asked him politely.


"I want that please." he pointed to an item. It was beautiful and if that is for Alley, she is going to love it, I just have a feeling.


The clerk grabbed it, "Together?" she asked.


"Yes please." I said as I paid.


I looked down at my phone and noticed i got a text from Sarah, I replied, Me too! Also can you please get Alley to come over to? We all want to see you both!


She replied, Sure! (:


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