Accedentilly In love<3

Ellie is a typical 17 year old. Except for the fact that she moved out and lives alone.She is in love with One Direction but mostly Niall. when she goes to a One Direction concert and her car breaks down she has no one to call. When Niall comes to reascue her will she fall for him or someone else read to find out!!
This is my first please read and comment what i could do better and bear with my mistakes!


4. Where is Zayn??

When we pulled up everyone was there except for Zayn. We all hopped out and Niall asked where Zayn was. He got no answer except Louis just gave a nod in my direction I would have been so out of the loop if it hadn't been for my converstaion with El earlier today. Was that really why he wasn't here. No Louis probably was just assuming. There was no way an international popstar would skip a day at the beach because he was jealous of me and his freind being JUST FREINDS! Besides I had always liked Zayn alot more than i let on because all my freinds liked Niall and i didn't want to be out of the loop.

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