Accedentilly In love<3

Ellie is a typical 17 year old. Except for the fact that she moved out and lives alone.She is in love with One Direction but mostly Niall. when she goes to a One Direction concert and her car breaks down she has no one to call. When Niall comes to reascue her will she fall for him or someone else read to find out!!
This is my first please read and comment what i could do better and bear with my mistakes!


2. Finally Here!

This was it the day of the concert was finally here i had to catch my flight at 10 so i got up got dressed in comfy clothes grabbed the direction to the hotel and set off in my old beat up car to the airport. I got there got my tickets and i was so excited that even sitting in between a little annoying kid that kept poking me and screaming and an old snoring man couldn't kill my happiness. when we landed i got a cab and headed to the car rental place to pick up my new (temporary) car. I picked it up and headed to the hotel when i got there there was nearly 2 hours SO LITTLE TIME!!! i decided on  a quick shower got out got dressed and i decided to straighten my hair and i did light make up that matched my outfit. By the time i was done there was 30 minuets till i had to be at the concert for my meet and greet i grabbed my keys it was supposed to be a 10 minuet drive but i got lost so i got there 5 minuets before i was supposed to be in there. I got my tickets and backstage pass and a guy escorted me to the room before he let me go in the room he told me not to scream that the boys didn't like screaming crazy fans at all he was super serious it was kind of scary. he left i collected myself and opened the door the were sitting there Zayn and Harry were talking Niall was eating and Liam seemed to be missing and Louis was sitting next to Niall. When i walked in the boys all screamed in unison HELLO!!!!!. Hi i said Niall invited me to sit next to him so i sat down they all filed over to the table and we started talking and I started feeling really uncomfortsble because I noticed Niall was staring at me. I hoped it was because he thought that i was cute and not because he thought i was weird or ugly. It was time for the concert and i went to go watch the concert i said goodbye to the boys got hugs from all of them. NIALLS POV I thought she was cute and wondered what she thought of me anyway Paul stopped us and gave us each 1 backstage pass and told us to give it to a fan i got out onstage walked over to where she was sitting ''what is  your name sweethaeart'' ''my name is Ellie dont you remember'' she asked kind of dissapointed i dindt answer and just gave her the pass she screamed after me thank you i saw that Zayn gave his to some girl i didnt know or recognize Harry did the same Liam gave his to Dannelle and Louis gave his to Ellanor even though they could come back without them guess they didnt want to be with anybody else besides there girls. We ended the concert and walked offstage. The two girls Zayn and Harry invited were there man they were fast and Ellie walked in a couple of mineuets later we walked into a room and we all started talking. ELLIES POV when i waled i nhe was staring at me again did he like me? no thats crazy he is super famous and i am just normal. We started talking and Zaynn and Harry took there girls out to dinner Liam and Louis took there girls home. That just left us. I felt awkward and intimidated i mean he looked like a god and i was just normal. The felling soon went away as we were soon laughing like we were best freinds and had known eachother for years. It was like 11:30 by the tikme we had looked at the clock we had been sitting and talking for 3 and a half hours we hugged and said goodbye. i walked to my car or at least where it had been there was a tow truck driving away with it oh crap it wanst even my car so i started walking. Then a car pulled yp behind me i looked and saw Niall waving outside his window. ''what happened to your car'' ''it got towed i said'' ''come on i will give yo ua ride where to'' ''what time is it'' i asked ''it a little after midnight why'' ''crap i missed my flight'' ''why dont you come to my place and stay and we will talk in the morning'' ''okay'' i was so excited. NIALLS POV i was so happy that she agreed i really liked her and she didnt act like most of the fans i have met she was cool and collected not to crazy like all of our fans we pulled up infront of my house and parked.

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