Accedentilly In love<3

Ellie is a typical 17 year old. Except for the fact that she moved out and lives alone.She is in love with One Direction but mostly Niall. when she goes to a One Direction concert and her car breaks down she has no one to call. When Niall comes to reascue her will she fall for him or someone else read to find out!!
This is my first please read and comment what i could do better and bear with my mistakes!


1. AAAAAHHHH!!! I got the tickets!!

      Ellie's POV

i was driving back to my house after shopping when the radio guy said ''Free tickets to see One direction in London these tickets include a meet and greet before the show a hotel room for before the show, plan tickets from any town and a car rental just be the lucky 101th caller. I picked up my phone knowing i wasn't going to get them but it was a habit of mine. Someone picks up and says CONGRATULATIONS you are the 101th caller can we please have your name and number my name is Ellie and i told them my number i hung up and screamed YAAAAAAAA!It was the happiest day of my life! A couple of hours after i got home the radio people called and told me all the information. My plane tickets would be at the airport and my concert tickets would be at the concert waiting for me. I was going to see One Direction I screamed again i was so excited. As soon as i got off the phone i went to go pick out my outfit since the concert was in 3 days i knew about this concert and tried to get tickets but they were sold out it was in London. i picked out a pair of white skinny jeans with rips in them a baby pink ruffly shirt and a pair of baby pink pumps. I packed it all in my bag and called the car rental place the radio guy said i could get whatever kind of car i wanted. I decided on a white convertible i had seen it before and was going to buy it but i couldn't get the money. By the time i finished everything it was like 11 so i decided to attempt to get some sleep but that was a fail because i was to excited. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry for the short chapter promise there will be longer ones. Tell me what you think this is my first one so if anyone has any tips please let me know.

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