Accedentilly In love<3

Ellie is a typical 17 year old. Except for the fact that she moved out and lives alone.She is in love with One Direction but mostly Niall. when she goes to a One Direction concert and her car breaks down she has no one to call. When Niall comes to reascue her will she fall for him or someone else read to find out!!
This is my first please read and comment what i could do better and bear with my mistakes!


3. A Day with El!


Every day i had dreamed about this moment spending the night at Niall's house.we didn't really sleep we slept mabye like 2 hours we fell asleep on his couch i woke up and he was still sleeping. My head was on his chest and his arm around my waist it was kinda hard to believe i mean he is a huge superstar and i am just a small-town girl from Texas i got up quietly and walked to the bathroom when i came back out he was in the kitchen pouring two bowls of cereal. He handed me one and we went and sat at a table. He asked me how i slept i said great. ''So what are we gonna do about my flight'' "in such a hurry to leave'' he said dissapointed. "No not really just wondering'' ''okay'' he got u pand walked into the living room he grabbed my bags brought them up to his room and told me i could cange in there. He went to go take a shower. i wanted to look cute so i put on my short baby blue shorts and i put on a white shirt with a blue smiley face on it. my hair is naturally straight and i did some light make-up. He came into his room wearing only a pair of shorts and no shirt. ''hey'' i said casually putting my stuff back into my bag. ''hello'' he said moving to sit on his bed. i sat next to him.''so what do you wanna do today'' ''how about the beach with the guys''he said excitedly. ''well i didnt bring a swimsuit'' ''thats okay you can over to Elenor's place and borrow one of hers.''sounds good'' he called louis and started talking and making plans.''okay it is settled me and louis are gonna go out and you can hang out with El.''sounds good to me'' ''well it is eight now we can head over now and we will be gone till noon then we will meet the boys at the beach around 12:30'' he said ianswered with a simple ''okey dokey'' and a thumbs up sign he just laughed and put on a shirt and we drove to Louis's. We got out and Niall and Louis left and me and El started talking she kept questioning me about niall. ''why do you want to know if i like him'' ''You have to swear not to tell Louis or Niall. ''I swear'' ''well niall told him that he liked you and well so does Zayn. ''WAIT WHAT!!! that is so Amazing. Remember you promised.''Iknow'' we decided to start to ge tready as the boys were going to be here in about a half an hour. She lent me her lime green bikini it was really cute and she wore a white sparkly one. we decided it was best if we wiped off all our makeup so that it would not run when we went swimming today was going to be amazing. The boys got there as soon as we were done so we hopped in the car and drove to the beach when we pulled up all the boys were there except for Zayn.

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