niall horan valentine oneshots

*for the valentines with 1d contest*


1. valentines day

(Y/N)! your friend screamed.

what?! you screamed back


fine fine fine wait one minute!!!!

you got off the couch where you were reading a one direction fanfiction about harry styles. it was called dark. it was awesome. you were a harry girl but you fancy niall a tiny bit more. I mean whats not to love about that irish boy? you went and put on your coat and scarf and shoes and took your phone with you.

im coming!

hurry up!!! I wanna get there before it gets really crowded!

you finally reached the bottom of the stairs of the flat you owned with your best friend. she was a complete fangirl just like yourself. you sort of took her under your wing.

okay lets go! you said.

okay! your friend squealed. she took you by your arm and dragged you out into the car and you both drove off to the mall.



you reached the mall and it was undeniably crowded.

omg (Y/N) it took you to long.

well you interrupted me when I was reading.

your friend sighed as you both walked into the mall.


omg so many people.

youre best friend talked like she was texting and sometimes it got really annoying.

well (Y/N) im going to my favorite store. I know you don't like it there so you can go where you want ill text you when im done! your friend said.

okay see you soon.

you walked off but halfway to the store you were knocked down by a girl.


"Are you alright?" a boy asked.

"yeah," you said.

you looked at who had just pulled you up off the ground. oh my god. Niall James Horan. you tried your best not to fangirl but that wasn't working very well. you held back your squeals as you said thanks.

"thanks" you said

"no problem those girls are crazy" niall said.

yeah I know right.

he had his hood up and sunglasses on.

can we go somewhere else before I get trampled again? he said.

yeah good idea.

you both walked off to some vacant seat.

so whats your name?

my names (Y/N)

I know this is a little forward because we just met but...wanna hang out sometime?

sure sounds fun you said smiling.

cool heres my number.



this was going to be the best valentines day ever.

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