Gone For Good

She was kidnapped to live her dream.


1. Chapter 1



"Sit down".

"Oh please just leave me alone, when are you gonna let me out?! I'VE BEEN LOCKED IN HERE FOR MORE THAN 6 MONTHS, what are you going to do to me?" I yelled in the man's face, my voice softening at the end. I slid down the wall and sobbed. "Shut up, nobody likes you. Nobody came out here looking for you, you're not important to anyone" he smirked. The man's words burned through my heart and destroyed me, I was losing hope to get out of this place, I'm not even sure anymore if it's ever gonna happen. "Here, eat this" the man threw a tray of food next to me, it looked really delicious. Once he got out and slammed the door behind him, I went near the tray and stuck my hand out to reach the food, but hesitated. I remembered the first time I came to this room and was nearly killed, but luckily I noticed the food's weird smell. I backed away and closed my eyes. I started getting memories from when I was with my family. I really regret leaving the house, I just wish I didn’t. I deeply felt that pain, a squeeze in the heart and a badass headache. Okay I know I'm going to get out of here somehow, someday but how or when… I just don't know.

Why in the world did I have to sneak out of my lovely house where I used to live peacefully with my family in Tennessee? My parents don't deserve living the rest of their lives in grieve because of their supposed to be innocent daughter who decided to sneak out of the house and travel to NY with her stupid friends that persuaded her and she stupidly agreed, thinking that nobody would notice. What about my grandparents who loved me truly from the heart? What do they think about me now? I remember I had the best life a person could ever dream of, I just wasn't smart enough to cherish the good moments and was dumb enough to dream about something I couldn't reach when I had everything I would've ever dreamed of… just not perfectly everything. We can say that I have the strictest parents in the continent, and I like singing, which they think would ruin their reputation due to their positions. I sighed and squeezed my eyes then fell asleep.

"My name's Selena Garcia and I'm17" I spoke into the microphone. "What are you singing, darling?" asked Simon. Yes, the actual Simon Cowell. I couldn't believe myself, how did I get here? This is just awesome, I am right here, on the stage of the one and only X Factor USA. I smiled and replied, "Titanium, I'm singing Titanium". "Whenever you're ready sweetie", said Britney. I turned around and took a deep breath. I couldn't really believe that I was standing right in front Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and LA! That was just perfect. Before I started singing I heard someone from behind me say, "That was marvelous girl! You have that type of voice that not much people have… And you're in with 4 yesses" I turned around confused and the scene totally changed to what seemed like the finals of the show and the surprise is that I was standing right there on the stage and singing impossible by Shontelle. "And the winner of the X Factor 2013 is… Selena Garcia" I didn't have the time to scream or jump, because I was already in my own concert with my own fans celebrating my own success. Out of a sudden, a crying couple from the crowd shone. They started glowing and they were flying up from the ground. I stopped singing and stared at them for a while to realize that they were my parents. Bottles of water were being thrown at me from everywhere and my dream turned into a nightmare. I squeezed my eyes and screamed at the top of my lungs.

I opened my eyes again and looked in front of me to see 2 large men standing with 2 empty buckets. I narrowed my eyes and gave them a confused look as they had a weird smirk on their faces. Then I understood I was soaked up in the water that the buckets were filled with. "Ugh, just get away" I pushed past them and walked to the bathroom. I've been living with these people as if it was my own house. The only thing I'm not allowed to do is go out of the house, or use the phone. It's been really weird that I don't even know the reason of me being kidnapped, which might not be the perfect word to describe why I'm right here right now.

 I was kind of a toy to them. One day they feed me and take care of me, and the other they would lock me in a room with no food for the whole day, but no one had ever touched me. I don't know why they're treating me this way. Other people would've killed me from the first day. I did resist and beg for freedom the first couple of months, but then I got used to the thing. The men aren't any old freaks, they're just fine. They even got me new clothes to wear, though not the latest in fashion. They don't seem to be poor, and from what I hear them say, they don't even steal, kill, or even harm anyone.

I do miss my parents right now. I wonder if they're living in peace after me being gone, or what if they're looking for me now. Ugh, I'm gonna have to get over it, they are not looking for me. I just hope they're happy. I took a shower and went to the kitchen to eat something, but as usual there was nothing to eat. This was the fifth house they got me to since they kidnapped me. The house wasn't furnished, but there was a fridge and a phone. The kidnappers haven't even taken away my guitar, which I got the first time I sneaked out of the house to NY when my parents were visiting my grandparents for a couple of days, and luckily no one noticed. The men did take away my mobile though. One of the men is married and had a teenage son that I've never seen, but he keeps talking about him which made me more curious to meet him. I wonder if the man's son knows that his father goes out hunting teenage girls at night to make them live with him for apparently no clear reason.

"SELENA! Come up here quickly" one of the men said from upstairs. I ran up to the room that I left them in earlier. "What do you want", I asked him. "Get ready, we're going out" he paused for a second, "and you're coming with us" he continued. A smile found its way on my face and I started jumping. "Oh my god I'm finally gonna see the streets" I shouted. I went and changed to some sweatpants and a white tank top. I put on my sneakers and went back to them. "I'm ready we can go", I said. "lets go", one of them said.

The men took the car keys and one of them took my hand and got me into the back seat of their GMC, which they claim to be completely theirs. They both got into the front seats and we took off. "Where are we going?", I asked. "We'll meet someone" the one driving said. "Who is it?" I asked. "You'll see, now just shut up and stop blabbering", the other one said. "Can I at least get back my phone to listen to something?" I asked hopelessly. "Wait, let e take the SIM card out first" one of the men said taking it out of his pocket and turning it on. He took the SIM card out and gave it back to me. Oh my dear phone, I've really missed you. I turned it on and kicked some music on, watching the streets of New York, if they haven't taken me to another state, or continent.  


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