My Secret Admirer

I finally made it to my locker and there was a pink envelope laying at the bottom of my locker the front said "To Lucy" and nothing else I hesitantly opened it the letter inside said :
Dear Lucy,
I think your BEAUTIFUL but you probably don't know that that's why i'm writing this. Every time I see you my heart skips a beat and I get butterflies and when we do run into each other you seem nervous or even scared why is that beauty?
your secret Admirer <3


3. you guys should read this if you liked this short story

SO I MADE UP MY MIND! after i finish my other stories im turning this one into an actual story hopefully it will be really good

i feel like ive bitten off more than i can chew! i have right but wrong still going and i shouldve kissed you and im in the middle of the sequel for i shouldve kissed you idk what to call it though i was thinking little things but i dont want to IDK help me maybe?and then i have another story ive been writing its pretty cool

im trying to write do this thing where all of the boys have at least one fanfic by me and they are the main characters you know what i mean?

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