My Secret Admirer

I finally made it to my locker and there was a pink envelope laying at the bottom of my locker the front said "To Lucy" and nothing else I hesitantly opened it the letter inside said :
Dear Lucy,
I think your BEAUTIFUL but you probably don't know that that's why i'm writing this. Every time I see you my heart skips a beat and I get butterflies and when we do run into each other you seem nervous or even scared why is that beauty?
your secret Admirer <3


1. isn't he lovely?


         R-I-I-I-I-NG I was startled by the Bell,as my English teacher Mrs.Fields  finished talking I grabbed all of my papers and shoved them in my bag "Oh and miss Grey"I stopped and looked at her "yes Mrs.Fields?"she smiled and said "on Monday less daydreaming" I looked at the ground "oh sorry about that well Have a good weekend" she smiled "thanks you too". I ran out of the class room and ended up bumping into the hottest boy at school (my opinion anyways) "Oh i'm sooo sorry" I blurted out "yea next time watch where your going klutz" and he walked off.Harry Edward Styles was one of the hottest guys in the entire school, but we didn't really like each other since what happened last year.

    I finally made it to my locker and there was a pink envelope laying at the bottom of my locker the front said "To Lucy" and nothing else I hesitantly opened it the letter inside said :

      Dear Lucy,

I think your BEAUTIFUL but you probably don't know that that's why i'm writing this. Every time I see you my heart skips a beat and I get butterflies and when we do run into each other you seem nervous or even scared why is that love?


                                         your secret Admirer <3

     I waltzed out of the school building as happy as can be to know that someone actually thinks i'm 'beautiful' I smiled and started walking home.

           As I walked up the front porch their was a teddy bear with a box of chocolate and a mini scroll like paper.I picked up the teddy and went inside up to my room.As I sat on my bed thinking who my secret admirer could be my mind went blank I thought ' what if this is my friends messing with me?' I grabbed the scroll out of the teddy bears paw:

        Hey Lucy,

Hope you like the bear and chocolates!oh yea Valentines day is next Thursday if you figure out who I am I hope you  will be 'Mine' <3


                               your secret Admirer  <3

                I grabbed my laptop and started writing my History paper on World War II. I loved writing essays and story's my best writing is fan fictions it seems so real once you get into the fanfic's. *BEEP*BEEP* I grabbed my phone and checked the new text


unknown:'hey beautiful'

Me: hello, soo are you going to fess up by valentines day???

unknown: yea if you get at least my name by Monday

Me: Fine ):

unknown: don't be like that i'll give you a hint we have chemistry together

Me: that kinda helps it cuts it down to 27 boys

unknown: yea you'll find out by Monday, you're a very smart girl Lucy Grey

Me: Thanks Mystery Boy well I have to go now ttyl!

unknown: your welcome and bye <3

          I found my year book and wrote down names of all the boys in my chemistry class:


Sam Jacobs

Frances Walsh

Greg Simpson

Taylor Colby

Ethan  Bush

Tate Manson

Daniel Harolds

Finn Harris

Marshall James

Alex Young

Grayson smith

Colton Hill

Jack Moore

Wyatt Jones

Jayden Taylor

Noah Martin

Michael Evans

Kevin Roberts

Ryan Scott

Aiden Green

Adam Dean

Adrian Palm

Harry Styles

Jean Worth

Dan Reed

Chris cook

I thought to myself 'there's NOOOO  way any of these boys could be it. ever.'    

               I was getting sleepy so I took a shower and went to bed.

The next morning:

     I went downstairs and my parents were still nowhere to be found  they were traveling for work but I thought they'd be back by now.*BEEP*BEEP* I looked down at my phone

unknown: hey luce you should check your mailbox (: its a helpful hint

     I went outside and grabbed the envelope I opened it, the so called hint said

     "my eyes are any color but brown"

I smiled Harry,Sam and Chris were the only boys who don't have brown eyes

I sent my admirer a text

Me: so your either harry,chris or sam

unknown: Ok guess who I am

Me:well you can't be Harry because He hates me, I've seen Sam looking at me a couple times and Chris looks at everyone

unknown: I do not hate you one bit!

Me: HARRY? you like me why are you so mean to me then?

unknown:I guess that's how I cover up my feelings

Me: what a good way lol

      I changed the contact name to harry then my phone rang I answered "hello?" I asked a deep husky voice replied "hey beautiful" I smiled like he could see it "so,you probably don't like me like this but I REALLY like you" I had a small giggle then he said "your smile and your laugh is perfect and why is that funny?" I replied quickly "thanks,and its not funny its cute! and yes I like you of course!I had the biggest crush on you even though I didn't really like you" he changed the subject "so Lucy are you going to be busy today?" I hesitated "nope" He said "well we should hang out or something like go see a movie" I had a huge cheesy grin on my face "Okay its a date,oh I mean um plan" he had a small laugh "well I say its a date" "okay curly" "oh i'll pick you up around 8 so be ready" "ok i'll be ready, bye harry" "bye" I hung up and went back inside the house. I wanted to pass time quickly so I went back to bed.


         I woke up and looked at my alarm clock it was 6pm already. "crap!" I  said ,I scrambled out my bed and hopped in the shower *50 minutes later*. I stepped out of the foggy bathroom and went into my room I pulled open my closet and stepped in I started pulling out dresses skirts blouses and anything that popped out to me. I grabbed my white shorts, black tank top my blue crop top and matching Chuck Taylor's. I stepped back and looked in the mirror "perfect" I said to myself, I walked over to my dresser and put my hair in a messy but cute bun I brushed my lashes with some mascara and swiped some light eye shadow on.By the time I was done it was 7:50 I hurriedly spritzed on some perfume and brushed my teeth I grabbed my shiniest lip gloss put it on and waited for Harry.


     I stood up and answered the door " hey there beautiful"  harry said in a sexy tone I hugged him "hi harry" he showed his perfect smile and his green eyes sparkled "you look gorgeous" "thank you " he pecked my cheek and we went to the movies.

           when we got there we decided to go see a comedy called the watch.I waited as Harry got the drinks and popcorn I went to help him by carrying the popcorn.we walked into theater 4 and sat down I placed the popcorn in between us and he handed me my soda "thanks" I said "welcome"he smiled and grabbed my hand the movie finally started.

   *2 hours later*

     we walked out the theater laughing really hard.Harry grabbed my hand and he walked me home,as we got to the front of the house Harry grabbed me by my waist and hugged me and whispered "I had a lot of fun tonight I hope you did too" I put my mouth close to his neck and moved up to his ear and whispered "oh I had plenty of fun" he looked down at me at moved in closed he crashed his lips into mine and I moved with him in sync his hand was rubbing up and down my back "goodnight beautiful"he kissed my forehead I smiled "night handsome" I went in and got ready for bed.I haven't slept that perfectly in a long time.

*time skip, it's Valentine's day*

      so since the movie me and Harry talked on the phone every night and we went to the park a couple days in a row. My phone rang I snatched it up and answered quickly "hello?" I asked "hey luce" "hi harbear"  there was a good silence "so missy will you be my Valentine???"  "hmmmm let me think about it OF COURSE!!" "score!" Harry said jokingly "so today we should hand out" I smiled "okay"

   *right before the date*

   of course I had to get myself dolled up I ran upstairs took a shower I put on a hot pink dress with my white wedged heels and fish tail braided my hair I grabbed my pink lip gloss and put it on my lips and of course my favorite perfume.I went downstairs and once I got to the bottom step there was a knock at the door I opened it "wow"Harry smiled and said "you like????" I asked "me love" he said with a cheeky grin.Harry pulled a rose from behind his back "here lovely" I gently grabbed  the rose and smelled it "smells really good" he laughed "yea like you"I giggled too "as well as you curly" "thanks,ready?" I nodded he grabbed my hand and smiled it was perfect  outside the sun was getting ready to set and it was really warm ' perfect'.

    Harry stopped and pulled out a blindfold "what are you doing?" I asked "this" he placed the blindfold on my eyes and tied it he picked me up bridal style and stated walking again.

     Harry slowed down to a stop and placed me on my feet,he grabbed my hand and led me to wherever he was going he stopped so did I.

    "are you ready?" he asked "yea" he untied the blindfold "wow harry it it's beautiful" there it was a big sparkling lake the sun setting and a pretty table covered in rose petals and pink candles.I turned around and jumped in Harry' s arms he cupped my face and kissed my forehead "just like you" I kissed him and he grabbed my hand and sat me down he walked away then came back with a couple plates "here you go Madame"he placed the plate down and kissed my hand he put his plate in his spot and sat down also "Harry styles famous quesadilla' s" he smiled I took a bite Harry this Is really good" "thanks,its the only thing I can really make"he turned sort of red.

    After  eating Harry stood up took my hand and pulled me into his chest he swayed back and forth and started singing isn't she lovely,my heart melted.

Harry walked me home gave me a hug and a passionate kiss he looked me in the eyes and said "I love you Lucy grey and I always have and will"and with that

                                             I just knew,I knew he was the one.

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