Styles of Valentines days

Ella is the typical 17 year old girl who likes to hang out with her friends. Her friends don't always make the right choices though.They like to drink and party. But, the best choice they ever make is going to a party the day before Valentines day.


1. Chapter 1

Ella's point of view

The way that my friends talk me into things are very deceiving. My best friend always being sick and visiting the doctor uses her famous line almost every weekend. "We-e don't kno-ow what could hap-pen to me next wee-k Ellie." 

"So, what you want to go to a lame party and risk your health?"

"Ooh you make it sound super fun! Come on!" She pulls at my hand and drags me up to my room. "Come on. You have a full closet to choose from." She opens the door and stares at it.

"Are you sniffing my stuff?" I eye her oddly.

You'd think going to parties almost every weekend, you'd get used to it. Or you'd start liking them and having fun. It was the total opposite for me. I'd rather be at home playing on my computer and help my single mother around the house.

"This is gorgeous." Mimi picked out a blue swooshy dress. 

"She wore that two weekends ago to Jimmy Taylor's party." I turn to the voice I hear by the door.

"Lexi? We thought you were grounded??" 

"You think I'd miss this party? I have to hook up with Harry! No way am I missing this just because I called my sister a slut." 

I roll my eyes. Harry Styles. The boy that every single girl swoons over. Harry Styles the party boy of the school. The boy who never once has had a girl stay on valentines day. Never once seen with a girl outside of a party.

The boy that everyone would die to have. Especially my two best friends. Not me. Not anymore. I learned my lesson. Back in 10th grade. I've never told my friend but one party we hung out and then he started texting me and calling me and we became close. But, I had to cut him off before we got too close. 


I walk in the party that's intoxicated by the smell of vodka. A typical teenage party. I look around and see the fridge. Probably full of alcohol and maybe a couple water bottles. I turn back towards my two friends and find that they're already in search of boys to make out with.

Once again I'm left to find someone to hang out with. I'm usually pretty friendly with people but that doesn't mean I like them. I walk past a couple people and they wave at me and try to get me to come over but I just shake my head and keep walking.

I find my way to the fridge. It is huge and must have very expensive. I open it and find a huge selection of beers and wine coolers. "Looking for something in particular?" I jump and slowly shut the door. Recognizing  the voice.

I gulp and calm myself. "Just a water bottle. Or if you have any soda.."

"You're at a party drinking soda?" He snorts and opens the fridge. 

"Yeah, don't want to ruin my liver by the time I'm 21." I roll my eyes and grab the sprite he was holding out to me.

"What do you say?" He teases me.

"Oh come on. You're gonna give me crap about using my manners?" I snort this time. I feel like I'm sounding extremely rude and remember not to judge a book by their cover. Even though I judge this kid like everyday. "Please." He smiles and hands me it.


He takes a sip of his beer and stares at you over the bottle. "You're very much welcome Ella." He smiles and heads off.

"Holy crap!" I jump again and turn around to find two girls staring at me.

"Shut up." I narrow my eyes and start to head towards the back door.

"He is sooo cute." Lexi whines behind me.


A few minutes later Lexi talks me into drinking a beer. Then another. She keeps telling me to loosen up. Feeling only a teeny bit tipsy I head back to the fridge for a bottle of water. In the way was a beer though and I grab it and twist the cap off and shrug.

"Well, looks like somebody got into the spirits of the party." Harry chuckles next to me.

"Haha. Shut up Styles." 

"Woah." He says sarcastically.

I saunter on past him in search of finding Lexi and Mimi. "You looking for your friends?" 

I look back and nod but I almost tumble down. 

"They're outside c'mon." He takes my hand and starts leading me outside.

He shuts the door behind him and walks close behind me. "Where are they?"

"Are you cold?" I nod and he wraps his jacket around me. Its February and he's in a short sleeve shirt. Which just happens to show off his amazing biceps. 

"They must have gone back in.." He mutters.

"Oh, well lets go." I turn.

"Wait, Ella."

"What Harry?"I sigh and throw my beer in the trash can near by.

"What happened?" I knew he would say something. I haven't said anything since I told him I had a boyfriend that lived 2 states away and I couldn't speak to him anymore.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I shrug and try to get back inside. I can't talk to him. I'll like cry or something. 

"I really liked you Ella. I've never.. Ugh! It made me so fucking mad how you just forgot about me. You're the only girl that I have ever stayed up late talking on the phone to. Or taking stupid pictures with and.." He trailed off and his jaw was clenched and it was a little bit intimidating.

"Harry, I can't.. get close to you." I whispered. 

"You can. You did. You just stopped. Why?" The last part came out as a whisper.

"I can't get close to you. I know who you are Harry."

"You don't! I'm not like that! You should know that!" He kicked the garbage can and walked over to the swimming pool and sat down on the chairs surrounding it.

I stood there frozen. He was mad. He was mad because I didn't like him. He was mad because I didn't trust him. He was mad because everyone judged him.

And I realized.. him mad Harry was always hot. Maybe it was just my drunkness kicking in but I felt like crying and yelling and kissing him all in the same moment. 

I sighed and I didn't know what to do. I walked over to Harry and sat down by him. "I'm sorry Harry."

"What can I do to prove it?" He looked at me. He looked sad and depressed.

"I..I don't know. I'm sorry." I stood up and started walking away. Now my mood was totally down.

"Wait.." I turned around and he pulled me into him and pressed his full lips on mine. 



Valentines day

"Ella wake up!" My mom pounded on my door. I look over at the clock and see that it's 9 in the morning. On a Saturday. Why the hell is someone waking me up?

""There is something at the door." I heard her clomping away. I groan and stand up. I open the door and walk down the narrow hallway until I reached the apartment door.

I opened it to find a bouquet  of pink flowers. There was a little note. "I remembered your favorite color is pink. Happy Valentines day. Hxx" Harry of course. 

I instantly left last night after the kiss. I don't know what I'm suppose to do. Just seeing him so vulnerable last night when he confessed he liked me just made my teenage hormones throw a frenzy.

I picked them up and found a nice vase to put the flowers in. "Ooh, those are pretty. Who are they from?" My mom walks in. Her mood seeming lighter. 

"Some boy." I shake my head.

"Well, I'll be at work. Love you. Theres food in the fridge. I probably won't be home until tomorrow." She left leaving me in charge of our little apartment.

I went back into my room and got under my blankets and tried to fall asleep again. Soon I heard my ringtone go off though. "what?" I snapped.

"Owch. But.. don't be mad.. I gave Harry your number last night. He said that he needed to talk to you... and how could I resist him..?" She laughed trying to lighten my mood.

My phone started beeping showing I had another call on the other line. "Well, that's him.. Bye." I sighed and disconnected from Mimi and switched to Harry. "Hello?"

"I'm at your front door." I heard a knocking at the door and I sighed and hung up. I looked down and started panicking. I was in shorts and a tank top. My hair looks crazy!

"Come on!!" Harry screamed through the door and I imagined him mad.

I opened the door and he looked great. He was wearing a pair of white converse, black jeans and a tight white shirt. "Come on." He took my hand and led me out from my apartment. 

"Where are we going? I can't go anywhere! I look like crap!" He stopped and turned around. He shut my apartment door and grabbed my arm to keep me walking.

"You look fine Ellie." 

We arrived at a little candy shop that had plastic hearts all over the shop. The windows were covered with signs that read Valentines day.

Harry walked up to the counter and stood there patiently waiting. "What are we doing?"

"I'm proving to you that I can be all gay and romantic and cute and that I'm not just some big player." He looked down at me with that sad face and it made my heart clench.

"Hello?" A man came to the counter and smiled a wide teethy smile. 

"I'm number 215." Harry handed him a credit card and they man's smile got bigger. Wow, did not think that was possible.

The guy handed Harry a huge bag. Harry smiled and took my hand and started walking away from the store. "What's in there?"

"Obviously candy." He snickered.

Harry pulled me into a little coffee shop that his parents own. The best coffee in town!

He squeezed me into a booth and smiled.

"Here." He opened the bag and pulled out a piece of chocolate. It was in the shape of a heart. I rolled my eyes and sighed. I reached up for it but he moved it high out of my reach. "I'm feeding you it." 

My eyes widened and I almost choked. He nodded his head in encouragement and I opened my mouth. I was fully aware that there were a lot of people surrounding us. I chewed the chocolate and smiled. It was delicious.

He took a piece and ate it himself. A large women walked to our table and sat down two cups. "Here you go Harry.Your mum says be home by 10." She smiled and walked away.

Harry shook his head but I saw a little bit of a blush on his perfect face. I laughed and he narrowed his eyes trying to intimidate me.

He took another piece and popped it in my mouth. 

I looked in the bag and every single piece of candy was shaped in a heart. Chocolate, gum, taffy.. 

"Lets go." He stood up and took my hand and his coffee in the hand with the candy. We walked outside and I remembered that it was February and I was wearing shorts. I drank a sip of hot chocolate and moaned in appreciation. 

Harry led me to a little cottage and ushered me in. I came face to face with a smell to die for. "I made us lunch." 

"You did?"

"Yup. Valentines lunch and I'll make you dinner too." He smiled and placed his stuff on a counter. At the table there were plates and food and wine glasses full of wine.

"Pasta." He moved me to the chair and pulled it out and back in for me and sat down across from me.

"This is.. amazing! I didn't know you could cook Harry!" I smiled.

"Well, you don't know a lot about me." He smiled a sad smile.

"I'm sorry. Thank you. This is all really nice."

"You're welcome. Ella.."



"I believe you're different. You aren't a player." 


I nod shyly. He stood up and came over to me and pulled me up from my chair. "Thank you." He whispered. "I've been in love with you all this time." He looked at me and kissed me once again. This time I totally accepted. 



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