Little things (one direction love story)

Anna is insecure, She's bullied at school and uses cutting as stress relief. When her only friend, Jeremiah, has her go to a party with him she meets 2 mysterious boys.Each boy has her for half the night. both boys make her feel like the most beautiful girl, the only girl for that one night. The boys were Harry Styles and Niall Horan. The boys dont know that Anna was with a different boy that night. The next morning Anna leaves early and is unaware of the tragic events that happened to her family while she was at the party. Both Niall and Harry remember this mysterious girl(Anna) and are determined to find her again. following 3 different POVs what will happen when Anna is on the run from a murderer and Niall and Harry are on the run for Anna? ( There will be sexual scenes so if you dont like that kind of stuff dont read this)


3. The perfect party part 2

I backed up a little and smiled at Harry. "Thank you so much but i have to go". i started to walk  away when he said "whats your name?" i turned around to look at him. "Anna". As i told him my name i stared into his eyes and realized how mesmerizing and green they were. Just then Harry pulled me in for a kiss. At first i was shocked and didn't know what to do, technically this was my first real kiss. When i realized what was happening i happily kissed back. I backed away and saw he had a cheeky smile showing off his dimples. i smiled back "Bye Harry" i said as i walked away.


I walked downstairs and looked around before i spotted Jeri. "Hey Jeri-berry" i said. "Heeeeyyy sexxyy laaaddyyy" he slurred quoting gangnam style. Ugh he's obviously drunk. i grabbed his hand. "come on Jeri your drunk we should get you home, I'm the driver and i need to go home soon anyways"he laughed at me. "uuuhhhh noooppee" he said while getting right near my face. i was about to pull him out to the car when he smashed his lips to mine. i tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me. i squirmed as much as i could but he grabbed my butt. i tried to get away but i couldn't until someone came up and yelled let her go them punched Jeri right in the jaw. i was still a little shaken up but i turned around to  see a boy with blonde hair, brown roots and the most gorgeous blue eyes. "thank you for saving me, he's obviously really drunk". The blonde boy smiled and nodded "no problem". "really, thank you is there anything i can do to repay you?" i asked. he nodded "well you could let me take you out tonight" he suggested. you know he seems nice it could be fun. "sure" i replied. 


We left the party and we took his car. He stopped at a lake with a water fall surrounded by rocks. we got out of the car. "woah" is all i could say while staring at the beautiful sight. he snuck up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. He seductively whispered in my ear "theres more" he grabbed my hand and led the way as we went to the side of the waterfall and climbed up the rocks. we were pretty high up when he said "you ready?". i looked at him confused "for what?". before i knew it he was pulling me through the waterfall. when i opened my eyes we were in a little sanctuary park. the ground was covered in bright fresh green grass. on one side there was a bench and a swing set with 2 swings on the other side a small forest of about 6 cherry trees in full blossom. in the middle against a rock wall was another beautiful lake full of clear blue water. This was the most relaxing, amazing, beautiful, perfect place that i could ever imagine.

I was so caught up in the moment of the beautiful place that i almost forgot about the blonde haired boy. "you like it?" he asked. i turned around and was hit with those stunning blue eyes again. "its beautiful" i replied. "your beautiful" he muttered under  his breath. "what?" i asked not quite sure i heard right. "it is beautiful" he smiled. "who are you?". "im Niall who are you?" he laughed. still absorbing the scenery i whispered my name "Anna". i looked at Niall confused as he started taking off his clothes. "um Niall?... what are you doing?" once he was down to his boxers i closed my eyes and he replied "this" i heard a splash and turned around to see Niall swimming in the lake. i laughed a little. "come join me" he said. i shook my head no. i knew i wasn't fat or anything but i was always pretty self concious about my body. "Please, for me?" he asked widening his eyes looking cute as ever. "fine" i took off my top and bottoms and slowly started sliding into the water when Niall grabbed my hand and pulled my in. I gasped as the cold hit through out my body and i felt my leg sting remembering the fresh cuts on my thigh. Oh god! the cuts, i cant let Niall see. I decided i didn't want to stress it so i just enjoyed splashing around the lake with Niall. when it started to  get darker outside we got on the swings still in our underwear to dry off. I felt myself blush a deep shade of red when Niall grabbed my hand and we were swinging in sync with each other. I found out that Niall was in a band and was currently on tour but taking a break.


Me and Niall swung and talked. We learned a lot about each other. we got dressed again and i held my breath as we exited the waterfall. We got to the car and i told Niall my address. We got to my place and Niall walked me to my door. " I had a fun time tonight" Niall said. "Me too" i blushed. Niall kissed my cheek and started walking back to his car. i unlocked my door and was no where near prepared for what was next...



Hey! Finished todays update. Next chapters gonna be sad to write :( Lots of drama ahead. What do you think so far?? Id really like suggestions for what should happen. you can comment suggestions or email me at .

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