Little things (one direction love story)

Anna is insecure, She's bullied at school and uses cutting as stress relief. When her only friend, Jeremiah, has her go to a party with him she meets 2 mysterious boys.Each boy has her for half the night. both boys make her feel like the most beautiful girl, the only girl for that one night. The boys were Harry Styles and Niall Horan. The boys dont know that Anna was with a different boy that night. The next morning Anna leaves early and is unaware of the tragic events that happened to her family while she was at the party. Both Niall and Harry remember this mysterious girl(Anna) and are determined to find her again. following 3 different POVs what will happen when Anna is on the run from a murderer and Niall and Harry are on the run for Anna? ( There will be sexual scenes so if you dont like that kind of stuff dont read this)


2. The perfect party part 1

(Annas POV)


"ANNA!!!!" Jeri called from outside the bathroom. "What?!?!" i yelled back while finishing my eye liner in the mirror. "the party started 30 minutes ago are you almost done?" right as he said that i opened the door and stepped out while applying some light pink lip gloss. "if im going to a party no matter how nerdy and lame i am im gonna try to look good, which takes some time for me" i laughed. this was my outfit . "wow Anna you look really pretty today" Jeri said. i smiled and thanked him. That compliment actually meant a lot to me even if he is my only friend.


We arrived at a big house with booming music and lots of people. Jeri walked in first and i was following close behind until some guy bumped into me and i fell to the ground. great start to this party. i tryed to get up but kept getting knocked down by all the people. Eventually someone held there hand out to help me up. I assumed it was Jeri helping me but when i grabbed the hand i was pulled up to face a smiling boy with dimples and lots of dark brown curls. "H hi" i stuttered. i was always nervous around boys. "Hello beautiful" he replied with a heavy accent. "I um have to go find my friend" i yelled as i pulled out of his grip and ran to find Jeri again.


After lots of searching i finally thought i spotted Jeri's blond hair. i started to make my way through the crowd to find him when Emma stepped in front of me with a smirk on her face. Emma was the prettiest, meanest, most popular girl ever. "Oh little loser Anna. looks like you tried to look pretty today but of course you failed." she laughed a little. i started to talk but yep she interrupts me. "God! your so fucking ugly its disgusting! just looking at how much you try makes me wanna throw up! you can try but its never gonna happen" she spat. by then i was tearing up. shes right. i am ugly.


After the insults Emma spat at me i found an empty bedroom and a razor. i took off my pants and cut 4 on my left thigh for trying so hard, 2 on my right for being ugly and 1 more on my right for being a loser. i cried silently into my hands as i heard the door open. my head shot up out of my hands and standing there was the curly haired boy from earlier. he shut the door and walked into the bathroom. 15 seconds later he came out with a wet cloth and some band aids.


"why did you do this to yourself?"he whispered as he wiped away the blood. i looked down and blushed a little remembering i was still in my underwear and there was a cute boy right there. " i I'm ugly and a loser and.." before i could continue he lifted my had up and looked me right in the eyes "you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, your not 1 bit ugly you are 100% pretty." he got down low and i got really nervous cause i didn't know what he was doing. he started kissing each cut getting higher and higher. once he kissed all the pain away from each cut he looked at me again "promise me never to do this again" i really didn't think i could make a promise like that so i decided to change the subject. "thank you for helping me, whats your name?" i asked. "Harry" he replied. i laughed a little because his name is Harry and he has amazing hair. i stood up and slid my pants back on. i was about to leave when he grabbed my hand. "not yet" he whispered as he pulled me closer to him. he just held me there and started whisper-singing a part of a song.

"i know you've never loved

the sound of your voice on tape

you never want

to know how much you weigh 

you still have to squeeze into your jeans 

but your perfect to me"


His voice sounded perfect, like an angel. i never wanted it to end but i knew that Jeri was probably wondering where i was.


Hey, its Jess :) that was the first part of the party with Harry. Please comment and tell me if it was good and if should keep going. So yep but please tell me your opinion even if its critisizing it i just want some feedback. ~~ Jess


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