Little things (one direction love story)

Anna is insecure, She's bullied at school and uses cutting as stress relief. When her only friend, Jeremiah, has her go to a party with him she meets 2 mysterious boys.Each boy has her for half the night. both boys make her feel like the most beautiful girl, the only girl for that one night. The boys were Harry Styles and Niall Horan. The boys dont know that Anna was with a different boy that night. The next morning Anna leaves early and is unaware of the tragic events that happened to her family while she was at the party. Both Niall and Harry remember this mysterious girl(Anna) and are determined to find her again. following 3 different POVs what will happen when Anna is on the run from a murderer and Niall and Harry are on the run for Anna? ( There will be sexual scenes so if you dont like that kind of stuff dont read this)


1. Annabelle Pearl Conners

 Hi, Im Annabelle but everybody calls me Anna. Im 17, im in high school. i have 2 younger sisters, a mom and a dad. Im not very popular. Im bullied alot :( dont judge me but my only stress relief is cutting.      I sing and play guitar but only my little sister Lilliana knows that i sing. Lillianas 7 so when she has nightmares i sing her to sleep. I do have one friend at school, his name is  Jeremiah but i call him Jeri. So thats my  boring life. bye :)

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