Harry's Sweet Valentine~

Your first sweet Valentine's day With Harry Edward Styles


1. Chapter 1

Hi guys I'm putting this in for the One Direction Valentine's comepition so please read it then and give your honest opinion! xxx

Your long brown locks were swept over your shoulder as you sat on the park’s bench, tapping your foot lightly as you waited for your boyfriend to show up, it was 8:00pm and he called you there to meet him but you had no idea why. It was your first valentine day together and you were curious to know how the handsome Harry Styles celebrated the day.
“Catelina!” you heard a familiar voice from behind you call out, you smiled softly as you saw Harry jogged towards you, his face slightly flushed and his famous curly hair bouncing everywhere. Jogging right in front of you Harry picked you up and swung you around bringing you in for a passionate kiss. After a minuet or so the two of you pull back for air, smiling softly you leaned your forehead against his,
“Hi Hazza” you said playing with one of his curls, as he lowered himself on the bench and put you on his lap his arms circling your waist as he buried his head in your stomach,
“Hi babe” he mumbled before lifting his head up, a smile across his lips.
“Do you have anything planned for this special day?” he asked playing with your long locks. You giggled and pretended not to know what’s going on,
“It’s a special day today?” you asked biting your lip as your eyes sparkled. Harry grinned and then pretended to be shocked,
“Of course it’s the most special day of the year!’” he said standing up and putting you on the bench as he stood up a huge grin on his face. Extending his hand to you, waiting for you to take it. Raising your eyebrow you put your hand in his as he gently pulled you off the bench. Taking a huge black hanky out of his back pocket he kissed your cheek,
“Do you trust me?” he asked looking deep into your eyes, you giggled again and cupped his face,
“Haven’t I always?” you said before turning your back to him as he tied the black hanky over your eyes. Putting one arm securely around your waist while the other held your hand he guided you along a path.
“Harry where are you taking me?” you asked smiling.
“Ssh love just a little more.....Okay!” he said happily but you noticed a hint of nervousness as he undid the blindfold. As the blindfold fell your eyes widen at the sight in front of you. It was the place you and Harry had your first kiss, the park’s little patio that looked over the sea.
“Harry...” you trailed off as you turned to him, Harry rubbed the back of his head,
“Do you like it?” he asked biting his lip as he looked at you nervously.
“If you don’t like it we ca-” you broke him off as you pulled him in for a kiss, gradually realizing that you loved it, he tightened his grip on your waist,
“God I should do this more often” he said cheekily his dimples showing in his adorable smile. Slapping him playfully you pulled back as you ran childishly to the small table that was centered in the center of the patio as the soothing sound of waves crashed against the rocks. Spreading your arms you took in the smell before turning around looking for Harry,
“Harry?” you called out scared when you couldn’t see him till you turned around and found Harry in front of you holding a rose, his lips curved in a smile he started to sing,
“You're insecure
Don't know what for
You're turning heads when you walk through the door
Don't need make up
To cover up
Being the way that you are is enough"
Harry twirled you around as he sang, you laughing as he tried to imitate each of the boy's voices when it came to their lines. Finally when he finished the song, he got on his knees and gave you the rose,
“That's what makes you beautiful” he sang the last note before picking you up, planting a kiss on your lips,
“Happy Valentine’s day Catelina”
“Happy Valentine’s day Harry” you said before pulling him in for a kiss, as the waves slowed down and gently hit against the rocks as if celebrating Valentine’s day as well.


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