The Valentines Day Boy


1. The Valentine Of My Life

I woke up on February 14th....Valentine`s day! People might love Valentine`s Day because of the celebration of love and romance, marked by giving red roses and chocolates to the people you love near and dear to your heart! But for the past few years, I have walked around watching the love of others and helping my friends find the Perfect guy to go on a date with and kiss in the moonlight, and to love, that.. well, I really didn`t have the time to find my perfect guy. Well, considering the fact that I work in a flower shop on Valentine`s Day means that theres that crowd of people there, the Whole day! It almost makes me feel like It`s Black Friday! Thats how crowded it is! Oh, by the way, my name is Mandy and I work at Molly`s Flowering. My moms flower shop. The morning I woke up, my mom put out a... I guess you can say pretty, outfit. But if you call pink leggings with white polka dots and a jean skirt with a pink t-shirt that says Molly`s Flowering on it. Then your not a teenager, your 8 years old. But I put it on anyways because today is one of those days where she is happy and I don`t want to make her upset! But the next thing I knew I was wearing pink cowgirl boots! Like this day could get any better! I got in the car with my mom. Considering I`m only 16 and not getting a car till I`m 18 means that I`m formally stuck with my mom.... In her mini van. Well, boys like it when girls ride around in mini vans with there mothers, right?? When we got there, there was a crowd so big that we needed to go through the back. Did I forget to mention that when we were going through the back I stepped in at least 5 peaces of gum? At least the pink of the gum will match my cowgirl boots! Another thing to make my day better! I put on my name tag and stood behind the cash register, while my mom let people in. It was like a stampeed of people, that almost knocked over my mom. I was hoping that there would`nt be a crowd so big that I would be rushing. But with a crowd this big, I`m not going to be able to take a break.Which means I would`nt have time to find my Valentine. Here and there I would see a couple of cute boys but when I tried to flirt with them they would say "I have a girlfriend," and things would get really awkward! So when the day was halfway over I decided to give up on finding the perfect guy and just wait untill next Valentine`s Day. Finally there was ten minutes left of work and there was finally nobody at the shop,so my mom decide to close up early. She was about to lock the door when someone rushed in, and he was panting and soken wet since it was raining. "I`m s-orr.. sorry! I just need f-flowers!" he said. He was cute when his hair was wet. His hair looked brown but you could tell he was a blonde. "Your soaking wet!" my mom said. I got him a towel and wrapped it around him because I change my mind and want to flirt with him even though he might have a girlfriend. "Here you go." I say. He looks right into my eyes which makes me blush. "Thanks beautiful." he says. My mom gives me a look and I give a look back to her that says (he is cute). She rolls her eyes and says "Well I`m going to go pack up, Mandy help him find flowers. She walks away and were finally alone. "So who are you getting flowers for?" I ask. Hopefully he says for a family member, so we can hang out. "The most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, well I did`nt meet her yet.... Its a blind date, but her profile picture is um.. beautiful!" he says. I turn my head away and frown. Well that just sucks, my Valentine`s Day boy I guess, just does`nt exist. "Oh well then she must be very lucky!" I say back trying to sound happy for him. He smiles and says "Well, by the way she looks I can tell her eyes sparkle and she is the one for me. The one I waited all my life for!" Okay, she has to be the luckiest girl in the world! I try not to tear up and luckily he picks some red roses and says "Well, I should probably go since were meeting up soon."We walk to the cash register and he pays and I try to smile but I`m sure he could tell It was fake, and of course he asks "Is something wrong?" He is so kind and so beautiful, so I tell him the truth, well not all of it. "Um.. well I did`nt find my Valentine`s Day boy yet."I say. I crack a fake smile again. He looks me dead straight in the eye like he did when we were looking for flowers. "I`m sure you will find the perfect guy, who will love you for who you are and think you are the sweetest thing ever. `cuz you are!" he says which makes me blush and smile. He gives me a kiss on the cheek and walks out, and that was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my whole entire life! "Ooooooo he`s a lover!" my mom says. "Shut up he`s meeting somebody tonight so he does`nt Like me!" I say back. She makes a fake sad face and says "Awwww thats too bad! We get in the minivan and drive home. On the way home my mom saw that a car was following us."Well thats weird. this car has been following us every turn we go," she says.I look back and see a guy with a hoodie. "Well thats just sad!" "Whats sad? she asks. "Well everybody is happy on Valentine's Day and were gonna get murdered by some guy in a hoodie!" I joke around. She hits me. "Ow you cant take a little humor? He will probably keep driving when you pull in," I say. When we get there and pull in he pulls into. "Holy cow were gonna die!" I say. I look at the guy and....wait a minute Its the boy with the blond hair! I get out and walk over to him, and my mom is smiling big."Hey, whats up?" I say. He takes chocolates and roses out from behind his back. "To be honest with you, I dont have a blind date. When I saw you, It felt like love at first sight and all the things I said about my blind date was actually about you, will you go on a date with me?" He asks. Ok now my heart is pounding so hard out of my chest that I'm surprised he can't here it! "Yeah! Of course!" I say back. I hug him tight for a few seconds, and this is my FAVORITE part! He lifts my head up from hugging him, brings my arms around his kneck, wraps his arms around my waist and *kisses* me. I did not care what my moms expression was, I loved this boy and he loved me, and that went on for a long time! "I never got to know your name!" I say. "Niall." he says. "Niall what?" I asks. "Its Niall Horan," he says. "Thats beautiful!" I say That Valentine`s Day was amazing, and that was the day I meant and finally got my Valentine's Day boy.

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