my life as me

Yes I know it sounds silly but this is all it is if you were stupid enough to log in to my blog then you have the right to know this I all about that my life as me.
Know as reader there might be a lot of questions in your head espeachelly who is this person but I can tell you all about me:
My name is emma but everyone calls me EM witch I am pretty cool with couse there aint that many people in this category of “everyone”
Let me tell you about the people in my life
First family yes that my mom the kind of person who tries to please everone at all time who wants everything to be absolutely perfect at all times. Yeah that can be annoying at some times but or else she is cool I mean as cool as a parent can be so….
Then there is my dad he is that type of person that if you please him and do as he says he love you and are good to you but then if you step just a little bit out of line or make a little mistake then you are the worst person on earth in his head and that he tells you but it is n


1. my life as me

tjek det ud håber det er ok jeg har skrevet på engelsk

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