Burned - deep wounds.

She got marked. Burned.
Her wounds are deep and sore, but they will start to heal.
And once their healed, she will be complete.

Kayla is not a typical type of maincharacter. She's lost her family and living on her own has marked her far worse than the three black dots on her underarm.
The three dots stands for that she is now, a part of the magical world.
Will she push everybody away, like she has been doing in the past five years?
Or will someone come through to her? And will she ever be healed completely?

But more importantly; will she be able to heal the world?


1. Prolog


Our house was burning when I got home from school.

It wasn't easy to see outside the building, but the burst of heat that hit me when I opened the door, revealed that something wasn't right.

I was yelling out my mom’s name, after a few seconds my fathers. The closer I came the stairs, the more my lungs were screaming for fresh air. I yelled out more names as I forced my legs into moving. I already knew what was waiting me upstairs when I could smell the smoke, but it seemed to take forever to climb those stairs. It probably did, with my only eleven years legs which already hurt from walking home from school in the neighbor town. 

It was harder to breathe on the first floor. The light lair of smoke in the air was hurting my eyes. I saw they had turned red when i saw a glimpse of my face in the bathroom mirror; I was passing on my way to my parent’s master bedroom.

The round, gold handle on the door was hot when my shaking, pale hand touched it. But I ignored the pain because I could feel that the pain behind the closed door was a hundred times bigger. I was right.

It was hard to see anything inside the room, but I could still see the outline of two people lying on the floor. The heat was getting more intense, and the smoke was worse.

I covered my mouth with my sweaty palms and desperately tried to clear my throat by coughing. It didn't help, the smoke were still struggling to get further down my throat, until it could fill up my lungs, with its poisonous and deathly gas.

But I wouldn't let it, not until I had reached my parents.

I walked closer to them, with my hands covering my eyes, trying to reduce the damage of my almost burning eyeballs.

When I reached them, they were hard to recognize. Big, black marks were covering most of their bodies, as if fire had tried to eat them. Fire; which fire? I looked around, trying to find the source, causing the damage of my home and family.

But it was no use. No matter which direction I looked, only grey clouds of smoke showed. So I turned back to my parent’s lifeless bodies.


My knees were starting to shake. A little after my whole body was shaking like crazy.

The first thing to quit on me was my eyes. Then my legs, which resulted in my whole body collapsing next to my parents. 

I knew I had to get out of there as fast as possible, but I couldn't leave them there; alone, burned and dead.

I was slowly passing out to the lifesaving sounds of distant sirens.


Please give me comments of all kind, it will really mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading and hope you will read chapter one once it's out.

Emilie Grosby

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