Burned - deep wounds.

She got marked. Burned.
Her wounds are deep and sore, but they will start to heal.
And once their healed, she will be complete.

Kayla is not a typical type of maincharacter. She's lost her family and living on her own has marked her far worse than the three black dots on her underarm.
The three dots stands for that she is now, a part of the magical world.
Will she push everybody away, like she has been doing in the past five years?
Or will someone come through to her? And will she ever be healed completely?

But more importantly; will she be able to heal the world?


2. 5 Years Later


My constant steps follow the loud drum rhythm banging through my headphones into my ears. There are people everywhere, no matter if i look to the left or right. I don't like it; it makes me feel captured, maybe even a little claustrophobic.

That's a diagnosis I have lived with for about five years now. Five long years of struggling through life, wondering if I’ll be living tomorrow as well.

Well, not five full years. It helped a lot when I got my powers on my fifteenth birthday. Oh, didn't I mention? I'm a witch. Although I prefer the phrase 'wizard' – it doesn't sound as bad. 

Anyway, the reason why I’m here in this overcrowded hall is that I'm as so many others here don't know what to do with my life. I know, it sounds extreme, but it really isn't. The MCG (which by the way stands for: Magical Creatures Government) have made a rule very clear; every sixteen year old magical creature who haven't found a way to “use their magic” or in other words: found a job where you use your powers, to serve the MCG, or have found other work in the magical world, have to go to a place called: SOEC (short for: School Of Educational Confusion).

I got all this information in my letter of admission, which came in a five pages long E-mail. Though, I was a little confused when I got it; I had expected something a little more official, like a letter or a visit from someone important. But maybe that's only for people with a lightning shaped scar in their forehead, or maybe only for people without an E-mail account – I’m not sure.

Now that I think about it, none of these big announcements have been more worth than an E-mail. Like, on my fifteenth birthday – the day I got my powers – Three black dots lined up next to each other appeared on my wrist. I tried to get them of, by rubbing my fingers on them, but it didn't help. As soon as my fingers touched the three dots, everything around me disappeared, and the next second I was standing in the very same hall as now.

This hall is known by all magical creatures, it's a place where you can teleport back and forth from different places in the magical world. You can travel almost everywhere – besides the non-magical world. The only way you can enter the non-magical world, is with the permission (or in some cases; banishment) of the MCG.

I was pretty confused when I first got to The Hall (I know, very original. But I can't help it, that's what people call it). Anyway, I got here as I said, on my fifteenth birthday. There were a lot of people here, just as now. There's always traveling magic's here, it's kind of annoying, but it's the only place where it's allowed to teleport. Otherwise, the MCG can't keep an eye on who's traveling where and when.

But when I arrived, I looked around for a clue on what to do next. It was starting to freak me out. You see, all around me there was a wild mix of elf’s, centaurs, wizards; werewolves and I could go on forever with weird, unnatural creatures.

I finally found a giant door with three big, black dots printed in the glass. I walked over there, trying to find a way in. But there was no doorknob or anything that could give me entrance. The only thing I could see on the big glass door, was the three dots, very alike the ones on my arm.

It didn't look like anyone else were to use the entrance, besides me, I thought it might be out of function.

After a while of studying the door, I gave up. Nobody offered to help me open it. It seemed like no one even noticed me. Until a girl came to the door. It was also Selene's fifteenth birthday, but she had an advantage; both of her parents were (and still are) wizards, so she knew exactly where to go.

“You lost?” She asked. I nodded, and she smiled.

She showed me how to open the door by pressing her own three dots against the door, and it just vanished, like a hot steam after taking a burning shower. She walked right into the big cloud of steam, and after a few seconds she was nowhere to see.

I tried to follow her through the steam, but right as I were about to cross the threshold, the glass door appeared again. Just as impervious as before, I found out when I banged my head right into it. After checking if anyone had seen my little embarrassing moment, I pressed my own three dots against the cold glass and it turned into the big portal of hot steam again. I walked through, without looking back on the careless crowd of people.


Since then I have lived in the magical world, in a small apartment – Selene moved in two months after. You’re probably wondering where the magical world is? If it's invisible? And if non-magic's can get in? Well, I have asked myself (and Selene) about that a lot of times, but I think I got it pretty good covered now: the magical world is invisible for all non-magic's. It's a very old, very powerful spell, performed from over a hundred years back, by an old wizard legend named William Sprayk. The spell makes it possible for both normal humans and magic's to live on the same space, but without seeing neither the same buildings nor each other, kind of like two different dimensions.

About the non-magic's, they don't know anything about the magical world so, no, they can't enter – not even with help from other wizards.


The memories disappear as quickly as they arrived, when another wizard bumps into me. An older man with grey hair and a tired face. I can see his lips moving in something that looks like an apology, but I can't hear the words following because of the still loud drumming rhythm in both of my ears. He leaves, before I can ask.

The door that is going to transfer me to SOEC is only a few meters away, and for what I can see three people are already lined up in front of the narrow wooden door.

As I get closer to the door some things gets more clear, like: the golden inscription on the door saying 'Welcome to the School Of Educational Confusion' and the fact that the three people now standing in front of me is two elf's and what I assume is a wizard, hard to tell.

Elf's have always fascinated me. How every single one of them is beautiful – in their own way. The two elves’ in front of me looks pretty ordinary, or as ordinary as elf's can be.

Pale, almost white, sparkling skin covers their tall, slim bodies as a veil of silk. Big, penetrating eyes that changes color hue after their mood. Long, light hair that perfectly frames their luminous, majestic bodies. Movements so fast, but still incredibly elegant that every step looks like the beginning of a dance. Voices so alluring that they can lead anyone in the arms of death, if you aren't careful. But as breathtaking as they are, just as deadly can they be.


These two look harmless as they both press their three dots against the matching ones on the wooden door. As their wrists touches the door, it instantly burst into an ocean of large flames, but that doesn't stop them; they walk right into the fire. The small, male wizard in front of me does the same. The solid wooden door appears again, but I hesitate for a while before I slowly repeat their actions. As I walk through the flames, a dark and painful memory appears in my head.


The teleportation only takes a few painless second of whirling around in the dark nothingness, before me feet again are standing firmly on the cool October ground.

I open my eyes, and in front of me there's now a gigantic building of white walls and large panoramic windows; SOEC.

More people appear a few meters away from me. Some just keep standing where they landed, on the brown grass while starring at the large building and the pine forest that surrounds it. Others walk straight to the school as they land, without one look at their new surroundings.

I start feeling a little stupid, standing here transfixed to the ground with a half open mouth, and wet eyes that slowly turns red of the strong wind, blowing directly in them.

I swing my almost empty backpack over my shoulder and start to pull my old suitcase along the gravel path leading up to my new home.


In front of the stairs leading up to what I assume is the front door, sits a woman behind a small desk passing out bracelets.

“Wow, thanks. But wait, I didn't get you anything.” My voice reeks of sarcasm when I reluctantly accept a tremendously ugly bracelet with the number fifty-seven written with small silvery letters, from the woman behind the desk, with a mouth very similar a sharp pencil line.

Her face expression doesn't change one single bit after my little joke, she doesn't even blink, so I move away from the line and let her continue her meaningless work.

I open the three meter broad and -tall door and an even cooler temperature then outside hits me as soon as I walk inside. They must have forgot to turn off the air-condition after the hot summer months.

I look around and see that I'm standing in a big hall, with marble floors and polished glass walls. All around me there are big, white pots filled with all kinds of flowers in red, pink and white. My old, tattered sneakers fill the hall with a loud, noisy echo when I walk towards the middle of the large hall.

From the middle of the hall I can see all the way up to all the many floors the beige, marble staircase in the middle of the hall gives access to. It's impossible to count how many floors there actually is, and it's hard to really see anything in the blending light of the big jewel chandelier hanging in the top of the ceiling, spreading light down on every single floor in the building.

“Fascinating, right?” A boy stands beside me when I turn around to the sound of a voice. Wow.

Tall, brown curly hair and two irresistible, green eyes. He smiles to me, like we've been friends for years. All I want to do is smile back at him, but my grey eyes don’t turn light blue, like they do when I smile. Selene tells me this almost every time it happens.

I quickly push back the thoughts and turn all my attention back to the chandelier in the ceiling.

“Yeah” I say, still looking at the chandelier. “I'm Matt” He reaches out his hand, but I don't take it. Instead I just quietly, but with a firm tone says: “Kayla.”

After a few seconds he realizes that I'm not going to answer his hand gesture. He awkwardly puts his rejected hand back in his pocket, and without a sound I turn to the left, and starts walking down an endless looking corridor.

I keep walking down the unbelievably clean and white corridor. I put my headphones back into my ears and turn as much as possible up for the volume.

My ears are begging for me to turn down the music, but I ignore the pain and keep walking towards the white door in the end of the hallway.


I've lived on my own for four years now, and I am fine that way. I don't need anyone else. I had my parents, but they're dead and there is probably a reason; I am just better on my own.

It's different with Selene, she clawed her way in. She didn't just come up to me and started talking about how fascinating chandeliers are. And let's all face it; they aren't that amazing.

I almost walk straight into the door in the end of the hallway all caught up in my own thoughts about being independent.

I pull hard in the golden handle, but it won't open. I turn my back to door, and look down the corridor. It turns out I've rushed past tons of doors; similar to the one my back is pressed up against. I begin to walk – this time slower – down the corridor. All the doors have an inscription printed in the white painted wood. Inscriptions like a17, b12 and a6. All a letters on the right side and all the b letters to the left; all numbered from 20-1 (besides the door in the end of the corridor, where there were no number painted on the wood).

I don't try to pull in anyone of them, I got the feeling that none of them are going to open. And I'm right.

I step out on the big marble floor again, and see that upon the opening to the long corridor, there's a golden sign with the word 'offices' on it. I hurry past the now crowded hall and up the spiral staircase, but I slow down when I start feeling a little dizzy.


On the first floor a sign tells me that my room isn't here. I keep walking up, higher and higher until I reach the fifth floor.

Each floor is formed in a semicircle. Dark wooden floors, white walls and miniature chandeliers hanging in about three meters distance from each other. It must be some kind of theme here.

I lean over the banister, framing the half circle and look down on the hall, more than fifteen meters under me. I shudder and recoil, feeling even worse. A few students pass me on the fifth floor and walks in the door to room number fifty-four. I decide to pull myself together and go look for my own room.

Since the first door is numbered fifty, my room – number fifty-seven – must be further down the semicircle. I'm right; the third last door is numbered fifty-seven. I push and pull the door but just as the offices it won't open. I'm already getting really tired of this place.

I bang my fist at the door a couple of times, but I realize that I have to stop, before I break one of my fingers on the hard wood.

“Go to hell!” I yell at the locked door before I can stop myself. I look around and of course someone heard me yell at a door, great.

The girl standing in front of door number fifty-five races her bracelet so I can see it and then she points at her door. I'm a little confused at first but then she presses her bracelet at the doorknob and a silent clicking noise follows. She walks in, but sends me a blending smile first.

I look down on my own rubber bracelet; I can't see anything that can help me open the door in front of me. I take it off so I can look properly at it. It turns out the number fifty-seven isn't just painted on, but is made of small magnets. I lead my bracelet closer to the handle and I feel the number being attracted to the cool metal. The quiet click tells me that I can open the door now.


Wait a minute, it didn't say four beds in one room in my letter of admission (otherwise it stood somewhere in the last three pages I “forgot” to read). The room is just as white as the rest of the school. A half wall splits the room in the middle, with two small beds on each side. Two dressers, -desks, -bookcases and one chair. All in white. Oh, I almost forgot to mention another chandelier spreading a warm, yellow light in the room.

There has already been a person here. A big brown bag has been thrown on one of the beds. I choose the bed closest to the big panoramic window.

I push my suitcase under the bed and throw my backpack on the top. I open one of the smaller windows under the big one to get some fresh air into the room. I begin to unpack my few belongings and take a look at my new schedule lying on one of the desks.

Classes like history, science, spells and education is written on my schedule. Every day from eight to five. Are you kidding me? Nine long hours of boring school every damn day (except for Sundays).

I turn around the small piece of paper and I see another schedule. There are Breakfast from 6 to 8, lunch from 12 to 12:30 and dinner from 18 to 20.

I look at my mp3 and I see that the clock is 17:34. Okay, so I got some time before dinner.

After a few minutes sitting on my new bed, I decide to use my time to take a quick nap.


Okay, so you can't really call it “a quick nap”. It's 19:40. This means I only got twenty minutes to find the dinner hall and get something to eat.

I hurry out of bed and comb my frizzy hair the best I can with my fingers, while running out of the door.

There are no people on the fifth right now, so I follow my instincts and I begin to run down to the hall.

I feel like I just have beaten like a million records in running, but my watch tells me different than my screaming lungs. 19:46, crap. Five elf's are standing in a small circle in the middle of the floor, talking unbelievably loud even though they stand right next to each other, the echo just makes it worse. I look around for other people to ask. Two centaurs are on their way out of the front door, another group of elves, and then finally two wizards coming out of a corridor next to the one with the offices. I run over there while yelling “Hey, excuse me?” They both look up from a large book; a girl and a boy.

I stop in front of them and try to control my exaggerated breaths. “Sorry if I disturb you, but do you know where the dinner hall is?” I look hopefully at them with my sweaty face (I really need to get in shape).

“Yes, right that way.” The wizard girl points down the corridor they both just came out of. “But they're closing up now, sorry.” Her big brown eyes look worried. “Are you okay?” She asks me. I look at both of them for a second before I answer.

I'm as always not sure if they're wizards but that's my guess. They both wear black sweaters and jeans (hers a little tighter than his – thank god). The boy has the same black, fuzzy hair as hers, just a little shorter. They're both very pale and have very small and fragile looking bones. Actually they both look very alike, maybe they're siblings.

“Yes, thank you, I'm fine” I turn around and try to find the courage to walk up the stairs again. “We got some food if you're hungry?” The boy says. I turn around and it takes a lot for me to say: “No, thank you.”


My stomach hates me right now, I kind of do to. Why didn't I just say, yes? It has become a reflex to say no, to reject anyone who's being nice to me. It came with my claustrophobia.


The door to my (and three others) room opens, and the fuzzy-siblings (as I now call them) steps in. “Oh, do you live here too?” Shit.

“No, no, I broke in.”

The hurt expressions on their faces, tells me they don't like my snide sarcasm (now that I think about it, not many does). 

“Well, I'm Cindy. This is my brother Max.” She points at her brother. “Kayla” I point at myself. Cindy puts her purple suitcase on the bed next to mine and starts to unpack; Max does the same on the other side of the wall.

As she stands there beside me I notice something disturbing about her, her smell. She has a strong sent of lavender, almost nauseating. It's like she's desperately trying to cover over some other gross smell. Like the smell of blood, or death. It finally hits me; she's a vampire!

I try to keep a natural look on my face, but my constant starring reveals me. “Sorry, I got a perfume problem.” A sad smile is playing on her deep red lips. I just nod, can't help feeling sorry for her “perfume problem”.


The clock is 21 and I'm still sitting on my white bed, looking on the forest outside the window. Max and Cindy are sitting on the other side of the wall in Max' bed, both reading in the huge book they carry around like it's some kind of treasure.

The door opens again and my last roommate reveals himself. He's clearly a werewolf, no doubt about that.

Werewolves are easy to recognize, no normal sixteen year old got that much hair. This werewolf got dark blond hair and big, black dog eyes. He's very muscular and I doubt that any of these small beds can carry his weight. He proves me wrong when he collapse on the bed with the brown bag on it.

I drop waiting around for my new roommate’s bed to give up on him, so instead I obey my stomach by knocking on the wall covering Max and Cindy.

Two seconds later Max stands in front of me – vampire speed. He looks distant and a little confused. I would love to know what they're reading about, but to steal their book won’t help me get what I need right now.

“You said something about food earlier?” I try to give him my best “please help me, I'm sad” look, but I'm not used to do that to people I just scared off with my weird sarcastic humor. He nod, and about four seconds later he stands in front of my bed with a cardboard box. He puts it on my bed, but before I can thank him, he's gone back to Cindy.

Grapes, bread, water, cheese and some dried jerky is all packed up next to six bottles with a red liquid in.

My hunger wins over my disgust of the “blood on bottle” (which by the way gives my weird pictures of commercials with a cute little vampire holding up a bottle while saying “Now on bottle”).

I eat all the food, and around 22 I'm full and satisfied. I push the box with blood – and some crumbs – under Cindy's bed, and change into my old pajamas.

I forget all about brushing my teeth (mostly because the thought of me walking around in my PJ's for hours looking for a toilet, is well … tiring).

Instead I fall asleep in my new bed, in my new home.

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