Curls war

A young girl has had a rough life not only did her parents fie when she was 5 but she has lived in a foster home her whole life. She is just this week turning 14 and it is said she has to live with her uncle. She is afraid of not being excepted by her uncle nor his friends for one reason... She is emo. Does she find the guy of her dreams that changes her for good? Or does she live out the the rest of her life on the verge of death from blood loss? Who knows?


4. The surprise

I walk out to see a giant limo. I am so shocked because I have never been in one before. As soo as I get close I see a older man walk out and he helps me with my bags he then says that there are 5 people who couldn't wait to see me. I opened the limo and got in I pulled out my iPod and started to listen to it when all of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I freaked out and ten looked to see who it was when I looked up there where five shall I say ' gorgeous ' guys staring at me.

I didn't realize who they were until I looked through my iPod and found them...( hey don't judge a book by its cover I just love them)

I look at them a semi freak out

The one who I knew as Louis looked at me sternly I thought something was wrong till a smile crept on his face and he shouted
"ELLO LOVE!!!!!!"
I couldn't help but giggle then I looked and realized that the one I fancy the most Harry Edward Styles was staring right at me... It kind of freaked me out but in a good way.

But still I kept my I-hate-the-world-so-say-out-of-my-face look and the boys decided not to bother me.

When we reached I hotel I was told I had to share a room and that I would be bunking with... Oh yes... Harry :)

We got in our room and I acted like I had no care in the world but inside I was major fangirling knowing that I am sharing a room with Harry.

Later on Paul asked what we wanted to eat and of course Niall says "Nandos" so we decided to go.

That night after we left Nandos there were Directioners everywhere eventually one came up to me and said
" why the fuq are you with One Direction you are so fucking ugly you know that noone likes you right? " I just wanted to burst into tears right there but I kept it in...:0
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