Curls war

A young girl has had a rough life not only did her parents fie when she was 5 but she has lived in a foster home her whole life. She is just this week turning 14 and it is said she has to live with her uncle. She is afraid of not being excepted by her uncle nor his friends for one reason... She is emo. Does she find the guy of her dreams that changes her for good? Or does she live out the the rest of her life on the verge of death from blood loss? Who knows?


1. The past

"NO" my mother screeched at the thought of hearing of her husbands death in the war.

We had heard a loud 'knock-knock' on the door and my mother opened it. To large men dressed in blue we at our door talking to my mommy. She couldn't help but cry at knowing she would be left alone with her as she would call me "accident" she hated to thought I was 4 years old at the time and never really knew much all I knew was I had a dad who served for his country and a mother who while he was away would beat me till an inch of death.

She never truly loved me and I had to except that until one day it went a tad to far...

I am now just a 5 year old little girl waiting for her mother to come an get me from school when my school gets a call.

I hear my name on the intercom
" Samantha Greenland home to the office please Samantha Greenland "

I was so proud because I thought my mommy was actually here. But man was I mistaken...
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