Curls war

A young girl has had a rough life not only did her parents fie when she was 5 but she has lived in a foster home her whole life. She is just this week turning 14 and it is said she has to live with her uncle. She is afraid of not being excepted by her uncle nor his friends for one reason... She is emo. Does she find the guy of her dreams that changes her for good? Or does she live out the the rest of her life on the verge of death from blood loss? Who knows?


2. The news

I get to the office in hopes to see my loving mother but instead there were to police men.

The one police man had explained to me that I was no to live with my mother anymore because of and accident that had happened.

Being a young girl with already no father did not want to leave my mother so I refused.
Finally the second police man had told me my mom had hurt herself and she was in no condition to be watching a child so the went to my place with me gathered my belongings and drove me to a place with other girls that were around my age... Little did I know about my mothers "condition"
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