Curls war

A young girl has had a rough life not only did her parents fie when she was 5 but she has lived in a foster home her whole life. She is just this week turning 14 and it is said she has to live with her uncle. She is afraid of not being excepted by her uncle nor his friends for one reason... She is emo. Does she find the guy of her dreams that changes her for good? Or does she live out the the rest of her life on the verge of death from blood loss? Who knows?


3. Present

Now a days I am that one chick you see with the scene hair and the dark make-up who wears long sleeves to cover the slices on my arms and jeans to cover my thighs. I'm 14 and finally am I am getting out of the hell whole.

4 years ago I found out my mother never had a bad condition she murderously hung herself to get away from this world with me in it. Ever since I have alway resorted to cutting but New Years went by and I decided to change my habits and not do it quite so often.

It was found in a will that after I turn a proper age I could move in with my uncle Paul. Well I just turned 14 and this place is tired of me so decided now was a good time.

I was told I had 24 hours to get as much packed as I could... I was also told to bring all types of clothes since I would be traveling a lot.

I got everything packed and was told that my uncle would be by at 3 the next day to pick me up. I went to bed at around 12 pm so I would have time to get ready and still be able to sleep in

1:00 PM

I wake up and take a shower then sit and do my make up after wards I started on my hair and finished just in time for my uncle to pull up.

I grabbed my bags and put my make up in my back pack.
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