Curls war

A young girl has had a rough life not only did her parents fie when she was 5 but she has lived in a foster home her whole life. She is just this week turning 14 and it is said she has to live with her uncle. She is afraid of not being excepted by her uncle nor his friends for one reason... She is emo. Does she find the guy of her dreams that changes her for good? Or does she live out the the rest of her life on the verge of death from blood loss? Who knows?


5. Pain

We got back to the hotel and I went straight for me and Harry's room... He wanted to hang with the lads so they all stayed in Louis room.

Now I thought was the perfect time I went to my room and went to the bathroom with my razor in hand I sliced 1... 2... 3... After that I lost count I just couldn't stop.

I hear a knock in the door " shit" I said aloud and wrapped my arm with a thick layer of tissue before pulling down my sleeve

Not long after in walked Harry he looks tired and he asks me what I was doing I respond with " nuthing just useing the rest room" an walk twards the bed that I am sharing with Harry.

I look down at my arm and can see the feel red blood seeping through my shirt and I scream at the pain I had jus caused my self Harry walked out with my blade in his hand and told me I left it in the bathroom.

" your not going to judge me are you " I snap at him but all he does is go to the bathroom and grab more tissues

He walked back and helps me clean up my arm and then wraps me in one of the best most living hugs I have eve had
Well at least that I have ever died after my dad passed

After the hug he looked at me with a concerned look and muttered the only word that could escape his mouth "why"

Authors note: hey guys this is my first fan fiction so could you tell me how I have done so far I mean it is not done but if you don't like it I won't continue. Please and thank you :) I love you all
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