Is love an option?

Populars Amelia lee,Samantha heart and worst of all Laurel Mckend.Amelia lee twin of shy ,nerdy Emily-rose lee.Whilst, Cat Valentine sits back in the backround and gets asked a question will she take it or carry on the way she is.Boys in the backround fall for certan girls but will those girl ask themselves Is love an option?


3. School bell

Samantha Heart's P.O.V

Me and Amelia got out her beautiful black porshe and then we spotted Laurel talking to a cute boy she was wearing short purple shorts, purple and yellow converse with flowers on them, a colourful tank top and a beautiful necklace with diamonds (her family were quite rich and spolied her since she was the only girl in the house her mum died when her and her brother Scott were the ages of 7 & 8) it was a nice  necklace.

We waved to Laurel and she saw we caught up with her and started waking in the school.

Sophie Moon's P.O.V 

The populars came strutting into the school Samantha on the right Amelia on the left and Laurel in the middle they flicked there hair as all the boys watched and drooled or winked at them.Laurel had this compelling smile that made the boys go mad.Lots and lots of boys liked her but she already had her eye on one particular boy Louis Tomlinson one of the eight heart throbs. 

There was:

Joshua Devine

Ed Sheeran

Louis Tomlinson

Harry Styles

Liam Payne

Zayn Malik

Niall Horan a total hottie who always smiles at me in Maths.

Scott Mckend (Laurels brother) 

The bell rang and i headed to form the people in my form are Samantha Moon, Jamie Wilson, Niall Horan, Scott Mckend, Joshua Devine and some other people but i am not so sure of there names.

Laurel Mckend P.O.V

I sat on my desk while all the boys checked me out.In my form they people are: Amelia Lee,Emily-rose Lee,Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.Louis Tomlinson has brown sweeped over hair and light blue eyes he normally wears casual clothes i think we would make a great couple.Don't you?



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