Is love an option?

Populars Amelia lee,Samantha heart and worst of all Laurel Mckend.Amelia lee twin of shy ,nerdy Emily-rose lee.Whilst, Cat Valentine sits back in the backround and gets asked a question will she take it or carry on the way she is.Boys in the backround fall for certan girls but will those girl ask themselves Is love an option?


2. Popularity overrules!

Amelia lee P.O.V

I got into my beautiful porshe whilst my twin sister hopped in the back i didn't want to be seen with someone that is not popular.Do i ?

We arrived at Samantha's house well Sam's, she was wearing a cute cropped denim jacket with a floral dress it was really nice she also had her -Pauls boutique-bag to match match her pumps(Red) she also had this sparkling flower brouche on her jacket it was truely adorable but i couldn't tell her that i had to look better than her because i was more popular than her! 

"Hey,Sam jump in"I called over to her.

"Oh she's coming with us!" Sam said looking in Emily's direction.

"Don't worry, she'll jump out in the parking lot"I replied i didn't mind my sister but as i said i need to stay more popular than Sam!

Emily-Rose P.O.V 

Oh will i jump out at the parking lot i thought sat there like i was invisible whilst they talked about clothes and boys and that Laurel Mckend and her hot brother Scott. In my eyes Laurel was a right Bitch and deserved to be told that but not by me they would all laugh even my sister.At least i have one friend Sophie Moon a cute and funny little girl the only one that get's me through the day.But i don't mind that Izzy Ratliff and Cat Valentine although she is very shy and Beautiful but hides herself with her huge glasses and her hair.

Finally,at school after listening to there endless chats they drive me up the wall makeup this and clothes that who really cares.When we got in the car park Amelia was making signs of me to get out i followed and did so i still wanted another lift tomorrow!

I walked into school and saw Sophie, she ran over to me,

"Emily i have missed you so much" she called down the hall embarrassing us both but who cares,

"I have missed you to" I called back running down to hug her.

We went of and talked.


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