Is love an option?

Populars Amelia lee,Samantha heart and worst of all Laurel Mckend.Amelia lee twin of shy ,nerdy Emily-rose lee.Whilst, Cat Valentine sits back in the backround and gets asked a question will she take it or carry on the way she is.Boys in the backround fall for certan girls but will those girl ask themselves Is love an option?


1. New year!

Emily-rose lee's P.O.V

"Good morning Amelia" I called into her sister's beautiful room.

"Oh hello Emily i am just putting on makeup a minuete",

While she applied maskara,bronzer,eyeliner,foundation and some other stuff i wasn't shore what it was called!

"First day of school got a test in Spanish aswell!" I informed Amelia.

"Oh do I didn't even know"Amelia replied.

"Cool i am hopeing for a good grade what about you"

"I'm not bothered the only thing i am bothered about are boys "

"Ok, i like your outfit"

Amelia was wearing Green short shorts,four-inch purple heels, a short purple top with butterflys on it and a black snapback with the words 'AMERICAN FRESHMAN' on it. I wasn't shore they would let her wear the hat or heel's but i wasen't planning on saying anything!

"The Heel's might be to high but never mind!And i just thought i would say i am meeting Laurel and Samantha"Amelia

"Oh can i have a lift to school"

"Ok but i am picking Samantha up along the way" She said in an annoyed tone but whatever i needed a lift. 

I went downstairs and grabbed my black rucksack whilst wearing my jeans,polo shirt and black cardygan.Oh no i nearly forgot my glasses they are big black my sister said they are nerdy but i like them they fit and are comfy.

"Emily come on"Amelia called as she grabbed her purple-pauls boutiqe-bag and hurled it onto her she took her keys from on the table and waked out checking her makeup along the way.We got into the car but i had to go in the back because she said Samantha was going to sit in the front. 



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