Is love an option?

Populars Amelia lee,Samantha heart and worst of all Laurel Mckend.Amelia lee twin of shy ,nerdy Emily-rose lee.Whilst, Cat Valentine sits back in the backround and gets asked a question will she take it or carry on the way she is.Boys in the backround fall for certan girls but will those girl ask themselves Is love an option?


4. Meet our form

Samantha Heart's P.O.V

I sat in the form as i looked around there was: Sophie Moon (a Bit Nerdy but i so want her shoes they are always so nice) Jamie wilson (a girl) i know her name is so boyish,Scott Mckent (Laurel's Brother),Joshua Devine (that boy is Devine) and the fittest of all my (well not mine yet but...)Niall Horan!!

Cat Valentine's P.O.V

People don't really know me i sit back and hide but i just wish wish wish i could change that if there was a boy in my life that could just love me and look after me but that's not how it works, never has,never will...

So in my form there is Me,

Izzy Ratliff the cute best friend of mine today she is wearing an amazing outfit :Dark blue hollister jumper and t-shirt, denim ripped jeans and a neon pink slouch hat plus converse(neon pink) so cute !

There is also Ross Lynch he is hot (Izzy kinda likes him) they would be perfect together, Zayn Malik FIT, Harry Styles FITTEST If only he liked me he probably likes girl's like Laurel, Amelia or Samantha (Populars)!

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