Being Cher's Sister *A Liam Payne Love Story*

What happens when you're the sister of a famous Pop Star? You meet other people that's what! Read this to find out what happens when Miley Lloyd meets Liam. Hope you enjoy <3


2. Setting Up

~Miley's POV~

I put on some gray skinnies with a 'I <3 JB' hoodie and some black converse. I grabbed my phone and shoved it in my back pocket as I walked downstairs. "MUM I'M GONNA GO MEET UP WITH BECCA TO SET UP MY PARTY!!"I yelled to my mum as I walked out the front door. "Okay sweetie! Call me later!" She replied. I rolled my eyes and got into my car. (Pretend she got her license early) It took me about 20 minutes to get to the Club that I rented for my party.

I got out of my car and walked into the club, Becca was already setting up tables by herself. "Becca, need some help?" I asked chuckling. "Yes girl! Help me!"She said out of breath. I laughed and ran over to her, I took one side of the table and set it up. We managed to set up all the tables in less than 20 minutes. I smiled at her and told her to follow me to get the other things out of my car.

We walked to my car and took out the boxes of decorations. We carried them in and set them down and started setting stuff up.

*2 hours later*

"Omg it looks great!"Becca exclaimed. "I know right thanks for helping!" I said smiling. "Of course! Anything for my best frannnn." She said in a weird voice, I laughed and hugged her. Then I went back to my house, it was about 10:00PM so I went to my room, and turned on my iPod turned the volume down to 12 and fell asleep to the sound of One Direction's voice.

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