Being Cher's Sister *A Liam Payne Love Story*

What happens when you're the sister of a famous Pop Star? You meet other people that's what! Read this to find out what happens when Miley Lloyd meets Liam. Hope you enjoy <3


3. Getting Ready

~Miley's POV~

I woke up and jumped out of my bed, I looked at the time.. '12:05PM' Crap, I was supposed to meet up with Becca 30 minutes ago, I checked my phone and saw 3 unread text messages.. 

From: Becca

Chic where are you!? I'm at the mall waiting!!

From: Becca


From: Becca

Mini Lloyd where the hell are you!?

I quickly dialed her number and called her. "Hello?'' I asked as she picked up the phone. "Dude where are you I've been here for 45 minutes!!"She exclaimed. "Sorry, I woke up late! I'll be there in 20!"I explained. "You're lucky it's your birthday.."She said in a fake pissed tone. I laughed and hung up. I quickly got dressed in some random skinnies and a Tshirt then grabbed my phone and walked out the door.

*20 minutes later*

I got to the mall and walked inside, I looked around and saw Becca waiting for me in front of the store 'Cutest Things' which is our favorite dress store! I walked over to her and she hugged me, we went inside and looked around for about 45 minutes... Then I found the perfect dress, it was gold sequince on the top and black on the bottom, I ran over to it and showed it to her, she smiled and gave it a thumbs up, I grinned widely and bought it. 

*5 hours later*

It's 6:25 right now and me and Becca are getting ready, I'm so excited! I put on some red lipstick and did a cute design on my eyes and then I put on my pearl choker and my anklet that Cher got me for Christmas last year. (she mailed it) I smiled at my appearence and put on my dress, then my high heels. I walked into my room and Becca was standing there in her pink ruffle dress. I smiled and hugged her. Then we left and were on our way to my party.

Miley's Outfit:

Becca's Outfit:

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