Being Cher's Sister *A Liam Payne Love Story*

What happens when you're the sister of a famous Pop Star? You meet other people that's what! Read this to find out what happens when Miley Lloyd meets Liam. Hope you enjoy <3


5. Amazing News

~Miley's POV~

After the party we went back to my house. (Just mum, me and Cher) Cher is sharing a room with me while she's here, because her old room is now the game room... Anyways, we went to my room and I got some pajama's and brushed my teeth, then changed into my pj's. I walked into my room again and turned on my iPod to One Direction music, I got in my bed and saw Cher looking at me laughing. I rolled my eyes and fell asleep. 

*The next day*

I woke up to Cher scream-singing and dancing.. I got up and pushed her, she grinned evily and tackled me, we were wrestling on the floor for about 20 minutes until we heard.. "GIRL'S BREAKFAST!!" Mum yelled. "COMING MUM!!" We yelled in unison, we laughed and ran downstairs. I smelled eggs and bacon as I walked into the kitchen...Mmm smells gooooood. I ate then went to the living room and turned on the TV.

"Okay sweety you can tell her now." My mum said to Cher as they walked in. "Tell me what?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows. "I'm going on tour with One Direction as their opening act!! And... you're coming with me!" She exclaimed. "WHAT!? OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!?" I screamed. "Yes I'm serious!"She said. I ran over to her and hugged her. I'm so excited and this is just aah! "Now let's get you packing we leave tomorrow!"She said as we ran upstairs.. I'm happy now!


{A/N Hope you enjoyed :) Please leave feedback below and stay beautiful <3}

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