My Irish Valentine

Valentines is nearing, but what has Lily got to look forward to? Nothing. She has no one. She doesn't have the time to even think about valentines as her new make-up job has taken up most of her time. But will commitment, hard work, and the paparazzi be able to keep Lily away from the luring eyes of Niall Horan?


2. Meeting

*Beep Beep Beep*

My alarm startled me awake, as I woke from my deep slumber. I lazily flipped my arm out of my bed and out into the cool air, to press the snooze button. I snuggled back down into my bed and tried to get back to sleep. 

*Beep Beep Beep*

Ugh, has it already been 5 minutes? I squinted my eyes open slowly, I blinked and looked around the room slowly. My room was dark. Outside was dark. It was an inhumane time to get up, but most people would say 6am was a lie-in, for me it felt like the middle of the night. I slowly got out of my bed, my feet sinking into my fluffy carpet. I stood up and stretched my hands over my head, exposing my stomach as my t-shirt rode up. I stumbled across the room towards the door, my feet padding on the carpet as I walked. I turned the handle slowly as my fingers felt like they had no strength. I silently walked into the bathroom, trying not to wake up Eve, my flat mate.

I turned the shower on, and took off my clothes. I quickly shut the door because the shower was pretty loud. I put my hand under the running water to check if it had heated up. Yep, definitely heated up, I thought as I took my hand out of the scolding water. I stepped in, my body soaking up the hot water. Once my hair was wet, I got the shampoo bottle and squeezed out the gloopy liquid onto the palm of my hand. I didn't have anytime to make important life decisions, I was on a tight schedule. My new job starts today, and it seems that it is an important one too. Well I hope it's worth me getting up at the crack of dawn.

I stepped out the shower quickly and wrapped a towel around my slim body. Quickly, I dashed into my room, avoiding the cold air, that felt like a slap on the face. I went to my walk-in wardrobe, yes, my job does has its highlights. I opened my underwear draw and grabbed a pair of pants and a matching black bra. I slid open the sliding doors to reveal a whole array of beautiful clothes. Yet again, I thank my job for that.

I picked out a black and white stripy crop top, that stopped above my belly button. I shoved on a pair of jeans, grabbed my leather jacket and did my makeup. Of course I had no problem doing that.

I grabbed my satchel, sunglasses and car keys and shut the front door behind me. I got into my Audi A4 and switched the ignition. The car suddenly purred into life, and I pulled out of my drive. The road was quite empty, but as I neared central London the traffic began to grow heavier until I was completely still. Great, I was gonna be late for work on my first day. I decided to give a heads up to my new boss just to let her know i'd be late. I scrolled down until I found her contact, I clicked it and it began to ring. She picked up after the third.


"Hey Lou, it's me Lily."

"Oh hello Lily, is there a problem?"

"Ummm yeah there kinda is. I'm stuck in a little bit of traffic. So I won't be there until around 7. I'm so sorry."

"Hey, don't worry. You don't really need to get to work until around 9 anyway. The boys tend to lie in on a Monday."

I laughed, just imagining their faces on a Monday morning, then having to have their hair matted with Hairspray.

"Oh right. Do you want me to stop off at the Starbucks next to the office?"

"Awww yeah, that would be great! Can you get me a skinny late, with no cream?"

"Yeah yeah sure. I'll see you in about 40 minutes. The traffic seems to be getting a little better."

"Alright honey, see you later!"

Awww Lou is so sweet sometimes. I looked up at the traffic and it seemed to be moving ever so slightly, so I went on Angry birds while I waited.

*1 hour later*

Great. I'm still in traffic. That's all I can really say, but I'm about half a mile away from the office and the traffic is beginning to move a little faster, so I think around 10 more minutes, give or take.

*20 Minutes later*

Okay, maybe I underestimated the traffic. I have literally just gotten back in my car with the two coffees. But Lou said it's normal and that I have plenty of time. That phone call was about half an hour ago...


"I'm so so so sorry Lou! The stupid traffic really threw me off my schedule!" I said as I rushed into the lounge.

"Haha don't worry honey, I got here about 30 minutes ago. I knew you wouldn't get here until around 8!"

I handed her coffee to her, and joined her on the sofa. She smiled at me and then said, "You are gonna love the boys! They are so funny, and adorable!" She started chuckling to herself.

"So, when do we start on work?" I asked looking up at her. She started to laugh, and then finally after around 1 minute of me just sitting there looking on in bewilderment at her, she stopped and then said,

"You're not really doing any work today. All you gotta do is watch the lady herself do the job so you know how to do it tomorrow and also get to know the boys. Simple." She said popping the "P".

"Oh okay. So that's all I have to do today. Watch you do your "thing" and then play with the bo-"

"You won't be "playing" with them. Just getting to know them. Hang around with them for the day, have lunch with them. Just get friendly with them. You'll like them. I know you will, especially Nialler, you'll love him!" She said laughing.


"Niall, you know?"

I looked on in confusion and then the face met the name.

"Ohhhh the Irish one?"

"That's me!" A voice said from behind me. I turned my head around and met 5 faces beaming at me. I blushed, but then kept my cool and stood up.

"Hello, I'm Lily. Your new Make-up Artist." I said and placed out a hand to shake.

"Nice to meet you love." Liam said while he shook my hand. I shook the rest of the boys hands, with little greetings, I don't need to spare you the details.

"Okay boys, today you have one meeting with management about tour dates and details, an interview with a radio station and I think that's it." Lou said looking back down at her clipboard. "Am I right?"

 "Yeah, we do. The Radio Interview is at 1 pm so we have a while before you cake on make-up." Louis said.

"Okay, that's great. Lily go hang out with the boys. Now." Lou said pushing me towards them. I laughed sheepishly.

"Ummm, what were you guys planning to do today? I can just tag along." I said. What else could I have said?!?

"Well, we were gonna hit the sales. Y'know Topman all that stuff." Zayn said, speaking up for a while.

"Oh good, that means I can go to Topshop and River Island." I said. They all nodded and we made our way out of the offices towards the town. Three bodyguards escorted us around the shopping centre. By the time we had finished, it was 11:30 and we came back to the office all laughing and joking around. I had really hit it off with them. They were so loud, especially Niall. He just doesn't shut up.

The boys all went and got their clothes from Lou and she plodded slowly behind them towards the car. Her being heavily pregnant, restricted her from things, including carrying piles of clothes and walking at a normal pace of around 3 mph...


I watched as Lou rubbed jell into her hand and slapped it onto Niall's head. She massaged it in and then Started to part the hair. I watched her technique intently. I looked up at the mirror and noticed Niall looking at me smiling, but as soon as I caught his eye he looked away quickly and I swear I caught a blush rise up his cheeks, but it must have been the lighting. Strange.

"So Lou, you got anything planned for Valentines day next week?" I said wiggling my eyebrows at her. She laughed and then said,

"Yeah I do actually, I have dinner plans, do you Lily have "plans" for valentines week?" She said, being her turn to wiggle her eyebrows at me.

"Actually no. I don't" I said, sighing and leaning back in my chair.

"What, no plans at all with your boyfriend?" She said.

"Pftt, what boyfriend?" I said chuckling silently. Truth is, I haven't had a boyfriend since summer 2012. And now we were coming into February. Basically, a long time ago.

"With a face like yours, I bet you've got someone special." She said smiling. I shook my head.

"No. Not one single man, boy, male. Nada." I said. I could have swore I saw a ghost of a smile play on Niall's lips.

"Well trust me honey, you probably just haven't met the right man. I'm sure." She said smiling sympathetically.  I nodded, and then stood up, and walked over to the food table and poured myself a cup of tea.

"You want anything?" I asked Lou. She had moved from Niall and was doing Zayn's Hair.

"Yeah, a doughnut, a cup of coffee, strawberries, oh and a can of coke." I looked at her with wide eyes.

"Someones got a big appetite!" She laughed and then said,

"Not me, just this little monster in here." Lou said pointing to her expanded belly.

"Suurrree." I said laughing, walking over to her with the tray of foods and drinks she asked for.

"Hey" She protested and punched my arm lightly. I smirked and then sat back down to watch how she did Zayn's hair, and what make-up he had.


After I watched all the boys have their hair done, I came to the studio with them to watch the interview. Niall and Harry kept making faces at me through the glass windows making me laugh. Paul was standing next to me, frowning as me and Niall were making silly faces at each other.

"Lily... look I don't want to do this, but-"

"Are you firing me?"

He laughed and then said,

"No! Of course I'm not. Look I can see that you and Niall are getting on really well. But for your jobs sake, don't get too cosy..."

I looked at him like he was crazy. And then had a thought about me and Niall together, which set me off.

"Phahaha, sorry, it's just that m-me and Niall, I j-just don't think that will ever h-happen." I said in-between splutters of laughter.

He frowned, and then said, "Look Lily, I've worked with these boys since the beginning, I know when Niall likes a girl, just keep your ground. This is a warning as your boss." He said walking away.

My smile disappeared and a frown took it's place. A warning? I hadn't done anything wrong. I saw Niall looking at me concerned through the glass, I smiled at him reassuringly, but the smile soon faded. Niall likes me? Pfft like he would like me. Me liking Niall? Well, I must admit that Niall was pretty hot. Yes, but that didn't mean we would ever be a "Thing" right?


*Two Days Later*

"Can I have a skinny Latte please with no cream and a skinny caramel macchiato please." I said as I leaned against the counter in Starbucks. This was the only place in town where it wasn't decorated with pink hearts or banners saying "Happy Valentines Day!" Ugh. This is possibly the worst time of the year.

"Whats the name please?" The boy said as he held a marker in his hand and the cup in the other. He looked like his late teens early twenties. What is it with boys who work in Starbucks? They think it's really cool to work here. Maybe they should think otherwise.

"Lou and Lily please." I replied looking down at my phone. 8:27, crap I have three minutes to get to the management office. I looked round the cafe and scanned the room while I waited for the coffees. The cafe was quite empty, seemed that it was quite early, but the Que was horrendous, filled with businessman getting coffees for their various colleagues in the office. My eyes landed on a tall boyish figure sunk in the back, hiding their face behind their coffee mug. But I could recognize those sky blue eyes anywhere, any day.

"Here you go, love." The boy handed my coffee, and I strolled over to the condiments and got the sugar out. I ripped open a sachet and poured in the sugar, stirring the coffee with the wooden stirrer. I pushed down the lid of the coffee, and started walking over to the boy in the corner of the room, stuffing the receipt in my back pocket.

"Hey stranger." I said as I slumped down next to him. He looked up startled for a second but when he recognized me his eyes softened.

"Hey. Shouldn't you be in the office now?" He said looking down at his watch.

"Nah, I'll call Lou up and tell her i'll come with you." I said sipping my coffee. He looked a bit uncomfortable for a millisecond but recomposed him self almost instantly.

"Well actually, i'm gonna go now. You coming?" He said getting up. He was looking very skittish today, but I ignored the fact, seemed that it was still early in the morning.

"Why are you up so early anyway?" I asked him as we pushed open the doors.

"Well, I needed some head space, y'know." He said looking a bit annoyed.

"How so?" I asked wanting to know the information he was holding from me. Recently when I've been around Niall, I've thirsted for more and more information about him. The more I got, the more I needed to know, and the more I wanted to be around him. I don't know what it was, but it was like he was the light and I was the moth, and I just couldn't keep away. 

"Well, I kinda had a misunderstanding with one of te lads. So I wanted some space..." He said trailing off.

"Ah okay, well I'm sure it'll be fine later." I said.

"Yeah okay." He said giving me a reassuring smile. We started walking down the street towards the management offices while I held the coffee cups. Suddenly someone sprinted right past me, knocking me off balance. Great, I'm gonna drop the coffees. I either save my ass and let the coffees fall, or fall on my but and hold the coffee. I decided with the latter. But thank god Niall was behind me, and managed to catch me. I looked up into his blue eyes smiling with relief. He smiled down at me but then he started leaning in. Oh god, what do I do now? I suddenly realized my face was centimeters apart from his and our noses were just brushing.

His lips grazed mine but then fully pressed onto mine. I smiled throughout the kiss. I had been waiting for this all week. We parted lightly and rested our foreheads against each others. My phone started buzzing in my back pocket 5 minutes after the kiss, as we walked down the street together in silence.


"Lily, it's me, Lou. Looks like the pap got to us before you did. I want you in my office now." She said and then hung up. Crap.

"Who was that?" Niall said looking down at me.

"It was Lou. I think i'm about to be fired." I said biting my lip.

"Oh." He said.

Yes Oh indeed. What now?


*Valentines Day*

I ran into the office, once again, late. "Hey everyone, sorry I'm late, it was th-"

"Traffic, we know!" Everyone chorused. I chuckled lightly then ran into the dressing room. All the boys were in there joking around and laughing.

"Hey guys!" I said and slumped down on the sofa next to them. I winked at Niall when no one was looking. All this sneaking around and secret meetings were killing me, and I just wish that me and Niall could be together without hiding from the pap, or Lou. Definitely not her, after her stern warning last week at the office, I was on strict terms not to have any type of physical affection towards Niall. God dammit, why did life have to be so complicated?

"Hey!" They all said. Louis and Harry were playing Fifa, Zayn was texting on his phone, and Liam and Niall were both watching Harry's and Louis' match. God, Louis sucks!

"Aye aye, it's the sexy beast, Lily! You free tonight love for some Valentines looovvee!" Louis said winking at me. God that boy will never learn.

"Lou, you have a girlfriend. Eleanor, remember? And besides I have plans tonight." I said sipping my tea.

"You do?" Harry asks, sitting down next to me, looking triumphant after winning the game.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it too!" I said laughing nervously. Truth is, the date's with Niall and it was a bit awkward to talk about it when he was in the room with me. I looked over at Niall and noticed him blushing a bit. Awww 'aint that sweet? 

"Ohhhhh Hubba Hubba!" Louis said wiggling his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes, that boy acts as if he's five sometimes.

"Anyway guys, I have to go and sort some stock out and decorate the place. I guess I'll see you after your rehearsals tonight?" I asked getting up from the sofa.

"Yeah see you later love." Liam said smiling. I looked over to Niall and he smiled and gave a small wave. God, I've only known that boy for a week and I already adore him!

*Later that day*

The boys came out of the studio messing around and joking. I looked up from my phone and stood up.

"Hiya, how was rehearsals?" I asked, slipping my phone into my back pocket of my jeans.

"Uhhh same old, same old." Niall said sighing.

"You guys ready to go out tonight?" Louis said, taking the cap of his water bottle off.

"Awww sorry man, I can't tonight, I've got plans!" Zayn said to Louis, patting him on the back.

"Yeah me too mate, sorry." Liam said.

"Yeah, I-I do too." Niall said bowing his head.

"Niall, whoah man, since when?" Louis said.

"Ummm a while ago. She's really pretty." He said blushing. Oh good lord, I'm right here. Could this situation get anymore tense?

"Aww well looks like it's just us Harry! Back to the old days!" Louis said swinging an arm round Harry's shoulder.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow!" I said and ran down to my Audi. Niall was picking me up in 1 hour and a half, and I needed to shower, change, do my make-up and hair. Good lord, the perks of being a girl.

*The Date*

*Beep Beep*

Oh god, oh god, Niall's already here. Crap, my hair looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Okay, phew, I'm ready. I ran to the mirror and checked my make-up, no smudges, check. I grabbed my bag and opened the front door, to see Niall sitting in his car waiting patiently for me.

I jumped down the steps and ran towards Niall's car to avoid any Paparazzi. I went to my side of the car and slid in next to Niall in the passengers seat.

"Hey." I said leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey love, you look really beautiful." He said, looking at my black, silk, chiffon dress. I blushed under his gaze,

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself! Hahaha." Oh god, I sounded like a hyena. Just shut up Lily and stop sounding like a retard. He smiled and then pulled out onto the road.

"Ummm, Niall where are we exactly going?" I asked, looking out the window as the cars rushed past us in the dark.

"You'll see when we get there." He said smirking. I sighed, and then looked up at Niall. He looked down at me and met my gaze, but I instantly turned away blushing furiously, as he caught me staring. He just chuckled. God that boy.

The journey began to drone on a bit and we had already been in the car for about 20 minutes. "Babe, please just tell me!" I whined. He just chuckled.

"Ughh Niall!" I said, huffing and then looking back out the window at the unknown landscape. We soon began to climb up, and up a hill.

"Uh, Niall you promise me you're not going to kill me by pushing me off a cliff?" I said looking around uneasily.

"No, just shush, we're almost there now, only a couple of minutes." He said focusing on the road.

 I smiled as I saw the coast coming into view, and the midnight blue sea, lapping up against the cliff. The sky had a washed out pinky blue tinge to it. Niall soon parked the car, up on the grass verge. Thank god I bought a fur coat with me, knowing that Niall can be quite spontaneous, somewhere at the back of my head, told me that I might have just needed a coat for tonight. Thank god I listened to that little voice.

I uncliped my seat belt and opened my car door. The cold air hit me on my face, sending numerous amounts of chills through my body. I walked to the other side of the car to find Niall leaning in on the back seat fiddling with something with his butt sticking out. I took full advantage of this and slapped his butt.

"Ow, that hurt!" He protested. I giggled at him.

"Do you want any help Nialler?" I said smirking as he struggled with pulling something out of the backseat. He just kept tugging at the object that was wedged in the foot-well behind the drivers seat. "Here babe, lemme help you with that." I said. He sighed but then nodded, letting me squeeze in the doorway with him as we both tugged at the, still anonymous object to me. It looked like some basket, I think.

"Okay Lils, this isn't working, on three. One, Two, Three!" He said and we both tugged really hard at the basket. But instead we both ended up falling on the floor together with the basket on top of us.

"Ooops!" I said giggling.

"Hey." He said looking down at me. He was awkwardly positioned right on top.

"Hey." I said blushing. He leaned down and kissed my nose gently.

"C'mon, lets get set up." He said, hopping off me and dusting his chinos down. He placed out a hand for me and I gladly took it, being swooshed up towards him. I dusted down my dress and readjusted my fur coat. Niall, grabbed my hand and led me to a patch right above the cliff. There was a blanket spread out on the grass and champagne in flute glasses, sitting on the blanket. I gasped, it was beautiful.

"Oh Nialler, I love it!" I said snuggling up to him and nesting my head in the crook of his shoulder. He rubbed circles in my back and I heard him chuckling.

"Come on, you should see the view from there." He said laughing and sitting down on the rug. I joined him on the blanket settling myself in front of him between his legs while I rested my head on his chest, listening to his droning heart beat *ba bum, ba bum, ba bum*. I realized that I was grinning like an idiot. 

"You look like such an idiot, smiling goofily like that!" Niall said laughing at my smile. 

"Hey!" I protested.

"But Lily, you're my idiot." He said kissing my cheek. I smiled again and closed my eyes, relishing the sound of the waves as they crashed against the cliff edges, the feeling of the cool wind as it blew in my hair, the smell of the salt in the air from the rough sea and the safe feeling of being in Niall's arms.

Maybe Valentines day wasn't so bad after all.



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