My special Valentine

this a oneshot pleaz read should be good!!!!!!


1. The Only One

I walk out of the shop tears streaming down my face. He stood me up, I knew I shouldn't have fallen in love, it always happens. I walk down the path of trees in my black boots, red dress, and black leather jacket. The mascara running down my face I take a seat on the water front. I run my hands around me neck unhooking the clasp in the neckless. I stair at the locket with our picture in. I threw the gold piece nothing to me and smiled to myself. "May you never find love. So it is said, so it will be." I wipe away tears and mascara turning around to find a tall curly haired boy looking at me. "Can I help you?" I ask taking a step towards him. I could read him, I knew why he was staring. "Your just so beautiful. What your name?" He walked closer to me. "I'm Aurora, Aurora Valentine." He was walking closer then wiped away the rest of me tears that were drying on my cheeks. "Why would you be crying on today of all days. Mss.Valentine it is February 14th." I laughed. "A Valentine stuck without a Valentine the irony." He laughed at my response. "We'll would you be my valentine?" I put my hands on my hips. "Well can I get your name please?" He took my hands. "I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He squeezed mr hands as we walked away. But he must never find out. Find out that I am Cupid.
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