We'd always been together yet we'd always been apart.

This is my sequel to the 'Shiver' trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater. Honestly, I think its one of the best sagas I've ever read. Forever was left on a bit of a cliffhanger so I wanted to kind of carry it on. If you haven't read the three books, I suggest you read them because they are amazing.


1. Sam


I waited.

Day after day.

Each day, a tiny part of my hope ebbed away. Despite how much I clung to it, it still slithered from my grasp. My hands felt too big, too clumsy to hold onto such a precious thing. I held my hope close to my chest, close enough to almost feel the heat radiating from the powerful feeling.

It was all in my head.

It had still been winter when Grace had last turned, when she'd last spoken to me. I remembered the feeling of her soft hair, trapped between my thumb and index finger. I remembered her beautiful brown eyes, staring into my wolf-like yellow ones. I remembered her pulse, fluttering in her neck, clearly seen through her porcelain skin. 

I remembered the skin peeling back off of her bones when she crumpled to the ground. I remembered her agonized screams as her bones snapped and sewed themselves together, in a differently built skeleton.

It had just been when the snow had stopped falling. A light dusting had been scattered around us, coating the ground in a sugary powder. 

That was when I saw her last as a human.

My next memory?

Grace the beautiful girl was suddenly gone and the wolf had taken her place. Her fur was ruffled--my mind was too numb to even note the color of her fur--like she'd been struggling. I knew, from personal experience  that her instinct should be telling her to run. To bolt.

But she stayed. A gentle whine built in her throat.

I answered her with a noiseless sob.

My knees hit the icy ground; damp soaked through my jeans. Grace crept a tiny bit closer, butting her nose into my outstretched hand. I held my breath. She shouldn't be doing this. But...was it possible that...that she remembered? That she remembered that time when I had been the wolf and she had entangled her fingers into my ruff?

The tears that fell from my eyes could have been acid.

Grace slowly closed the distance between us, her head dangerously close to mine. I could hear her dragging in frozen breath. She opened her shiny brown eyes and we just stared at each other. Her eyes were dry and mine weren't. Just like usual.

"I love you, Grace," I whispered even though I knew she couldn't possibly understand. "And you need to hang on. You need to hang on until next spring. Then, Grace...then we'll be together, even just for a little while."

I couldn't remember who that last bit was for. Grace had forgotten herself; she didn't need to hang on. She needed to hunt, she needed to sleep, she needed to bay at the moon.

Me? It was me who needed to hang on. I had to hold onto something; something that wouldn't break into a million pieces once I'd touched it. Something that would get me through until next spring.

A low growl from the forest beckoned Grace. She lifted away from me and, looking back one more time, tumbled into the woods, her limbs bending and tensing as she leaped away into the darkness. I could see flashes of color in the demeaning forest; but I couldn't spot a large grey one. Of course I couldn't.

Beck was gone.

And, if I didn't get another vial of the cure for Grace, so would she.

She danced around with her pack--no, her family. My eyes watched blearily as she lowered her chest and head to the ground in front of the large black Alpha male. He accepted her, just like usual. 

She was with her family. 

And I had been left in the back yard, alone. An emptiness had entered me that moment and still remained in me today.

Today, was the beginning of spring.

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