We'd always been together yet we'd always been apart.

This is my sequel to the 'Shiver' trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater. Honestly, I think its one of the best sagas I've ever read. Forever was left on a bit of a cliffhanger so I wanted to kind of carry it on. If you haven't read the three books, I suggest you read them because they are amazing.


5. Grace


My body was spent from the shift and I knew that. As much as I wanted to clamber onto Sam and kiss him till I was crying, I couldn't move. My limbs were on fire.

I was vaguely aware that I was muttering into Sam's chest but my mouth wouldn't stop moving.

Only when I heard Sam say, "Please tell me you have the cure," did I shut up.

Was I ready to give up being a wolf?

My human mind recoiled.

Me being a wolf meant less time with Sam. Less time being a human.

When it was put that way, all I could think was, Of course I was ready to give up being a wolf. 

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