one shot<3

When a young girl named molly hears about a comeptition to meet Harry Styles she isnt that bothered until she bumps into him and has the day of a lifetime...


1. Meeting Harry<3


GEEK. Thats what everyone call's me around here, but im pretty sure they're just jelous of what'd happened the past week.. im probly the luckiest girl in the world right now, and this is my story. My name is Molly and well I love school and I mean LOVE it, im not realy bothered when it comes to things like popstars or rockbands so when the offer came up for the competition I wasn't that interested into it, Amy Shaw .. well lets just say we needed atleast enough ear plugs so we wouldn't hear her, the soudn was like a cry baby on the biggest ever rocket rollercoaster in the world! Sammy + Jana were nearly as bad, grabbing there phones out making sure everyone knew about how much they would win, atleast Tammara wasn't as crazy as them, Tammara was my best friend well.. ex-best friend we were mates until we hit High-School, lets just say my mum + dad grounded me for atleast a month, but now I have another mate her name is Kayz her real name is kaylay but i love her so much, Im good mates with her mate Ruby as well and we usally all have sleepover's and make-over's just like the average type of things teenagers do, I mean I dont look like a geek, I dont hvae glasses and got no particular geeky dress code, except for the latest fashion white top with  the word " GEEK" on it but that is so IN this year! So I was just walking into class, form 8U nothing different and I did what I usally do, went to sit at my seat and started chatting to my mates, Huw and Iolo were messing about whilst Emily was showing Sophie how to do the " The Cup song", average day for average life, Miss Williams came in her usual jolly self and just before we had got up to go to lesson one " double maths....BORING! " A message came on the loudspeaker from our headmaster we had to go imediatly to the hall for an important message, so we left our bags at our desk and walked slowly towards the hall. I thought it was just for my year, but it must have been  a VERY important annuncment for sir to invite every single member of the school even the caretaker Mick. So we all sat down to take our place when I suddenly heard the music, girls starting going wild and the boys shouting "BOO!" the song I was now listening to was "One direction Little things", at this moment in time all Icould think of was EEWWW! One direction were the worst pop band in the world and I absoulty hated them so this annocument was going to be the last thing i wanted to now listen too. "Good morning to teachers, boys and girls, and all member of staff, we have now got the most exciting and probly the best announcment that id gladly tell you, we Creuddyn School from Penrhyn Bay, have exclusively won a chance in this years "movellas competition, and the grand prize is to spend the whole day with One direction and go on a jet plane". Screams of joy and wonder filled the room at that momment, some girls were even crying, Amelia laughed at the boys and took pictures of the girls.. " Ready for facebook" she muttered to herself slyley. Aaron and Will shook there heads in dismay, they hated 1D and at that momment they hated the girls. The school hall was now going crazy and looked like it would start world war 3 in any moment. " Hold on now children, let me finish, sadly you must EARN your chance to win and meet the latest singers of you teenage dreams" replied Mr Davies, trying to act cool. " The slight catch is that you must all write short story about a charector meeting theere  favourate member of the band as you all no theyre 5 members of this band, theyre is Harry Styles,Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. You may all have 2 weeks to enter this competition and lastly but not least inportant.. GOOD LUCK!"  After the headmaster walked out of the hall, we were told to collect our bags and by then had to go to lesson 2,. After that mornings annoucnment its all anyone talked about, it was lesson six by the time I opened and closed my eyes, I could not belive the day went so fast, we were supose to have chemestry but our teacher wasnt well so we got to have a free lesson usally everyone ends up gettin out there phones and start to web search and tweet but strangely everyone got out a sheet of paper and starting writing there entry and if that wasn't weird enough they actually all looked like they were enjoying themselves, the boys however weren't remotly interested with this, Iolo and Huw were still messing about trying to flirt with the girls and stop them from being " creative writers" but the girls wanted to win this competition it ment everything to them. For the next 2 weeks it was just the same, until finally the day or posting the enties came upon us, thousands of exciting and sqeeling girls came to the hall that morning and posted the entries, the school recived hundreds, most girls tried out the competition more than 5 times!  Then we were all called to the hall just like we had been 2 weeks ago, and sir suddenly announced we had 5 very special guests to help announce who will be the winner, and with  massive screaming and shouting and amazing welcome, 1 direction came out of nowhere and entered with a song " Little things".  I couldnt even hear what they were saying really with all the noise and clatter, but i seemed to like the tune, i didnt no what was wrong with me, im never interested in boys or boy bands of ANY sort, but i couldn't take my eyes of the one with a cheeky smile and brown curly hair.. his name was Harry Styles. I whipsered his name on and on, and i sunddenly seemed to love the idea about him, his creativity, he life , his point of view, and the strangest thing was I added my name and his to together and i Made this...                                                              Molly + Harry = Marry !   I suddenly realised after that momment in time i have fallen in love with Harry Styles, i didnt want to make it obvious, id been really argumentitive with the girls about hating them and if they found out they would kill me. For the rest of the day we got to hang out with 1D and i never took my eyes off his georgeous face.. Just before the bell went and 1D had left i went over to collect my bag, no-one else was in the school except Mick. Everyone had ran home quickly as possible to go tell everyone about 1D being at their school. When i reached the music room I grabbed my bag, when I suddenly saw the boy of my dreams, Harry Styles.. he was just sitting there not knowing that the crew had left, "Hi there, im Harry" he said. Welll duhh everyone know's your name Mr styles, I wouldve said that but i didnt want him to feel like i was cheeky so I acted normal like a normally would, we were getting very easilyf wich turned out to be for  a very long time until he had a text off Zayn he was wondering where he was so he quickly text'ed back and wrote.. " Hey wont be long going out tonight see you guys tommorow x" Thats when i smiled and realised we had more time together :). " Do you want to go to the lake ? I know it isnt much, but i go there  as a qiet place to go and calm down and be on my own, and i seem to be able to be myself with you, your not the type of screaming fan like your friends there." And with that we walked got into his  car and got there in no time,  I quickly texted my mum just so she wouldnt worry and before i new it i was in the car with Harry styles. It was the best and romantic thing id ever done in my life, he was so sweet i alsmost couldnt belive it, we walked slowly alone the lake bank looking and the multicoulered fish and wondering what a fish called Billy would look like and how we would live without music, it felt unreal i couldnt belive this was happening, we went to the snack shack and grabbed a bite to eat just before i was given an gift, wrapped in baby pink with a bow, i oppened it slighty and i realised it was a box, a brown box and it sounded expensive i opened it up and there i found a pure gold locket I could not belive my eyes, the gold shone thrue, i felt like the luckiest girl in the world i felt extraudinary. He put it around my neck and smiled and whispered, " I hope you like it :)" i smiled cofidently and replied " I dont like it, i LOVE it thankyouh so much". Then it was nearly half 6 and i had to get home so i quickly gave him a quick hug, with a kiss on the cheek and he took me home, and just before i was going to jump out of the car he gave me a bag and said " See you soon :)" and off he went.. well im sure you are all wondering what was in that bag, when i got in I jumped straight to my room and looked inside, and i found.. 1. An braclet and ring that matched with my new necklace. 2. 2 v.i .p tickets to go backstage aswell to go to his concert this August 20th .                                   And.. 3. His mobile number and bbm pin. So that's it, thats how i met Harry styles, in school now ive come from boringest student to the most popular ever, this is my colemn for my school newpspaper and now in mizz too :), ive kept in touch with Harry and the crew and seeing them on tour soon too,turns out Amy Shaw one the competition and she was over the moon, ut we had to by more ear plugs and last but not least no-one calls me a geek anymore, life just cant get any better.
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