One Direction Comp.

This is for the One Direction comp. that is being held.


1. Romantic Imagine

You and your best friend were out at the mall. This is the first time you and your bff had been out together in months, but it seemed like forever! When you got to the mall, you hopped out and quickly ran to your favourite place. Starbucks. When you walked in it seemed to be suprisingly quite. You went and sat at a table, wondering what you should get. You decided to get your favourite. You went and stood in the short line, consisting of around 3-4 people. You looked around to see your friend giggling, but you didnt know why. You brushed it off and finally it was your turn to order. You placed your order, and when you turned around, you bumped into a curly haired, green eyed boy.

"Oh my, Im sorry, it was my fault. Im sorry please, let me get you a new drink." He spoke with a worried tone, his british accent melting you. You looked into his green eyes and smiled. You felt so happy.

"No no, its fine honestly. I'll just... get a new one myself" You replied, a bit annoyed that your new shirt was now covered in coffee. You started to walk away when a strong hand grabbed your wrist.

"No, I insist. And if thats not enough, please let me take you on a date." That was when you relised you were talking to Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles! Your dream boy. You felt butterflies and knots in your stomach. You looked down at the ground because you knew your cheeks were red. You agreed to go on a date with him. You gave him your phone number. You and your friend left excidetly and went back to get ready.

At 6:30, Harry picked you up. He looked amazing. He kissed your cheek and led you out to the car. He started the car and turned on the radio. Suprisingly, a One Direction song was playing. It happened to be Gotta Be You, your favourite! You sang along and when you got out harry complimented on your lovely voice. You had a great night, and some years later, he proposed. You had two kids called Darcy and Tommy.

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