You Saved Me

I was with my friend, I was celebrating my relationship status. I had finally got away from him. From the person who made me feel bad about myself. From the person who made me feel weak and worthless. Little did I know that he wasn't going to let me get away . . . Oh no.


5. Worse

We stayed all afternoon. Harry got worse slowly. The boys took me home before I got more worried. The whole way home I was crying, muttering "It's all my fault, I shouldn't have ran away. I shouldn't have let Harry jump in front of me." The boys tried their best to calm me, but nothing could help. I cried myself to sleep that night. The boys except Liam went home. Liam stayed with me to make sure I was okay in the morning. He slept on the sofa. 

When I woke up I walked to the kitchen to find Liam was awake. 

"Hiya." I mumbled, still half asleep. 

"Hi." He replied. 

"Heard any news about Harry?" I asked. He shook his head. I looked in my cupboards to find food. I then found a note on the door. 


I went shopping for you. Don't worry about paying me back.


I left it there because it brought a smile to my face. I grabbed a box of cereal and asked Liam if he wanted anything, he shook his head and said he had some toast. 

I ate my cereal quickly, excited to jump into the shower and get ready to see Harry. After I finished in the shower, I got dressed and found Liam on the sofa watching the news. 

"Are we seeing Harry today?" I asked him. He turned around to face me. 

"I don't think so. We might go this afternoon." He informed me. 

"Okay, well, I'm gonna go out and buy a phone since Mark smashed my last phone. I'm gonna buy myself a laptop too." I told him as I grabbed my bag and shoes. I walked to the Apple store and bought myself an iPhone 5 and a Macbook. I also bought myself an iPad while I was there. I walked to the 02 shop to set up a contract to save me time topping up all the time. 

When I got back I set up the laptop, iPad and iPhone.  I got Liam's number and the rest of the boys' numbers. I took out my contact book from my bag and put all the numbers I had in there, I only had it in case Mark smashed my phone. I went on iTunes and bought LOADS of music. I bought a couple of apps that looked fun. I text everyone so they got my new number and took note of my number and tried to memorise it. 


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