You Saved Me

I was with my friend, I was celebrating my relationship status. I had finally got away from him. From the person who made me feel bad about myself. From the person who made me feel weak and worthless. Little did I know that he wasn't going to let me get away . . . Oh no.


9. When Hate is Aimed at You

In a matter of minutes I received hate, mainly from Abbi's friends and followers. 

"You slut for stealing Harry!" 

"You slut for kissing Harry." 

I didn't want to retaliate but I had to reply. 

"He kissed me, it was a complete surprise. I was going to watch TV and he spins me around to face him and kisses me! Me and Harry aren't dating." Soon the hate was aimed at Harry when they realised I wasn't in the wrong. I felt bad for directing the hate towards Harry, but I'm sure he's used to it. Still I feel bad. 

I walked out into the lounge to find the boys surrounding the TV. Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis all held a PS3 controller and were playing a football game. Harry sat on his own watching them. They were all yelling at each other and cheering when they scored a goal. I sat next to Harry and he smiled at me. 

"Do you like football?" I asked him, he nodded. 

"There's only four controllers and plus I just don't feel like it." He mumbled.

"Are you upset about Abbi?" I asked him. 

"Yeah, she's giving me a lot of grief. Now she wants me back and I don't know what to do. I can't say no, she just won't give up. I left her on a maybe." He explained, tears forming in his eyes. I pulled him into a hug. 

"It will be okay, I promise." I comforted him. I pulled away from the hug and wiped his tears away carefully. He gave me a weak smile and turned to the TV before I could smile in return. 

After they finished with the PS3, Harry ordered pizza and it didn't take too long for it to arrive. We all sat around the table, I sat next to Niall and Liam. 

"Sophie?" Liam said after swallowing a mouthful of pizza. 

"Yeah." I replied and waited for an answer. 

"You're like our little sister slash best friend." He informed me. 

"Awesome! Your like my older brothers slash best friends." I returned, he smiled and Louis laughed. 

"Save the flirting for later!" Louis complained childishly, taking a huge bite out of his pizza. 



Harry P.O.V 


I couldn't help but stare at Sophie. I have a huge crush on her, I have since I got let out of hospital. She was always there for me when Abbi wasn't. She even helped me get away from Abbi and end things. She's made me happy. But what makes my heart shatter is when the boys flirt with her, especially Liam. He already has a girlfriend. 

"You're really sweet and kind, Sophie. I'm surprised you ended up with a dick like Mark." Niall complimented Sophie, flirting slightly. I wanted to yell at Niall, tell him to back off. Everyone knows me and Sophie kissed. Why can't they see I like her? Or do they think I just used her to get out of my relationship with Abbi? 

When I finished my pizza I walked into the lounge and watched TV. Nothing was on so I was stuck watching Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Then Niall walked in. 

I stood up quickly. "Niall? I didn't use Sophie, the thing is, I have a crush on her." I admitted. 

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