You Saved Me

I was with my friend, I was celebrating my relationship status. I had finally got away from him. From the person who made me feel bad about myself. From the person who made me feel weak and worthless. Little did I know that he wasn't going to let me get away . . . Oh no.


6. Seeing Harry Again

We went to see Harry. He was asleep. The nurse told us his chances of making it were lower than before. 

"Do you think Harry will make it?" I asked Liam, he shrugged his shoulders. 

"I hope he does." He replied, just then someone walked in. She introduced herself to me, informing me that she was Harry's mum. She knows he jumped out in front of me to save me. 

We all talked, but it was clear that there wasn't much to talk about. We were just trying to pass the time. 

We spent the next week in the hospital with Harry, he stayed asleep the whole time. We did go home in the evenings, every night one of the boys would sleep on my sofa to look after me. I guess they're worried I will get scared or lose my mind. The nurse told us that he is getting better and that his chances are improving. In three weeks Harry was better and was allowed out. The boys offered if I wanted to stay in their house for a bit while Harry gets better, I of course accepted this offer. They gave me a room which had its own bathroom. I went home every other day to pick up food to bring it to their house to save them buying food. I also went back to check for post etc. and make sure everything was okay. 

We all sat on the sofa and decided on a film to watch. It was officially movie night. Harry was still dating Abbi and she was coming over tomorrow so I planned to go shopping with Kaitlin to avoid her. I need new clothes and make-up. 

It was good to have Harry out  of hospital. We were all relieved that he was better now. 

"I love this film." Harry cheered. His stomach looked more fatter than it did before because it was wrapped in bandages where he was stabbed. He threw the DVD at Zayn who looked at it and raised his eyebrows. 

"Twilight? Really?" He asked. 

"I'm joking. But please, can we watch it. Abbi is giving me a quiz on it tomorrow. I have to like everything she likes." He explained. 

"Sure." Zayn muttered. Everyone groaned except from Harry. I used to love Twilight. Then I signed up to Netflix and saw The Vampire Diaries and watched the first three seasons and realised how crap the vampires are in Twilight. 

"The vampires are crap!" I protested. "Plus I hate Kristen Stewart, she can't act and does she ever smile?!" 

The boys laughed at my comment. 

"I thought girls would die for Twilight?" Louis asked. 

"No. I would only watch it to see Taylor Lautner, he is yum." I replied. Louis laughed. 

We all endured the film till the very end. I cringed when James broke Bella's leg, the boys laughed at it. 

"How can you cringe?" They all asked. 

"It's just cringe-y. I even cringe when I watch The Vampire Diaries and someone purposely cuts themselves with a knife or someone's fingers get cut off." I replied. They all laughed. "But I laugh when I see someone's heart get ripped out, I even counted how many I saw, by the end of season three I saw over ten, I don't know why I stopped counting." I informed them. 

We watched another film, we all decided to watch Paul. I fell asleep near the end because I got really tired. I woke up in my bed fully dressed. I'm guessing someone carried me to bed. 

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