You Saved Me

I was with my friend, I was celebrating my relationship status. I had finally got away from him. From the person who made me feel bad about myself. From the person who made me feel weak and worthless. Little did I know that he wasn't going to let me get away . . . Oh no.


8. Kiss

I put all the clothes in my room and turned around to face Harry. 

"Did you have a good time?" He asked me. 

"Yeah, I guess." I replied. Everything felt awkward between us. "I didn't tell Kaitlin anything if you're wondering." 

He nodded and smiled. "Good." He stroked my cheek with his right hand. My heart fluttered like it did when he kissed me. 

"There's something I think you should know. I like you, a lot. I have for a while now. But I have buried the feelings every time I am near you. Right now you're making it impossible." I admitted, blushing. 

"I'm glad I'm free of Abbi. If it wasn't for you I would still be with her, I would still be tortured by her presence. Thank you." He thanked me. Subtly changing the subject. 

"Why did you kiss me?" I asked again. 

"I knew that if she saw me kiss somebody she would just let it go." Harry told me. I felt used. I was used. I felt tears pour out of my eyes. He wiped them away. "I also kissed you because I like you a lot more than a friend." He placed his hands on my cheeks and leaned in to press his lips to mine. The kiss lasted a few minutes before I pulled away. 

"You have got to stop doing that!" I hissed at him, but then I smiled and giggled. He pulled me into a hug. He walked out of my room and I followed shortly after. 

Niall walked up to me as I left my room. 

"Harry kissed you?!" He asked me, he was obviously shocked. 

"How do you know?" I asked in return. Shocked at how he knew. 

"Abbi posted it everywhere. It's on blog pages that Harry kissed the girl he saved in front of his girlfriend." Niall explained. 

"He wanted to end things with Abbi." I explained. "It didn't go too well." 

"Ah. Explains why." Niall muttered, walking back into the kitchen. 

Dinner was ready in an hour and we all sat at the table together. It was awkward, everyone knew that me and Harry kissed. I didn't look at Harry once. I was too embarrassed. 

When I finished I put my plate on the side. I didn't have to wash up since I helped this morning. I walked to my room and turned on my laptop. I opened up Google Chrome and my favourite news page opened up. I saw that every news page I looked on was filled with the gossip. Abbi was a model? Probably more known now since she dated Harry. In the comments there were people calling Abbi names like 'attention whore' and 'slut', but Harry also got hate. People were saying they are ashamed of what he had done. Abbi also had left out a HUGE bit of detail, she forgot to mention that Harry tried to end things with her and she wouldn't let that happen. So in the comments box I filled everyone in. 

'Hi guys. It's me, Sophie. Harry tried to end things with Abbi but she wouldn't let that happen, so Harry took her into the boys' apartment and out of nowhere kissed me on the lips. Just to clear things up on who I am, I am Sophie, the girl Harry saved and I have been staying with the boys since Harry got let out of hospital.' 

After people read that people started hating on Abbi and apologising to Harry about what they said. I didn't get hate at all, well, not yet. Hopefully that doesn't happen for a while. Anyway, I shouldn't let it get to me if people do start to hate. 

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