You Saved Me

I was with my friend, I was celebrating my relationship status. I had finally got away from him. From the person who made me feel bad about myself. From the person who made me feel weak and worthless. Little did I know that he wasn't going to let me get away . . . Oh no.


4. A trip to the hospital with One Direction

Zayn, Niall and Liam were happy to take me to the hospital with them. We went to see Harry, Abbi was there. When she saw me she glared at me. 

"What are you doing here?" She snarled at me. 

"I'm with the boys to see Harry." I returned. 

"Just 'cause Harry saved you, it doesn't give you a V.I.P ticket right into his life. Get lost." She hissed. 

"I owe him. He saved my life. He saved me from my ex." I retorted. 

"You don't owe him anything, get lost you slut. You aint ever gonna be in his life." She barked at me. 

"Abbi!" All the boys hissed in unison.

"If she wants to be here she can." Niall told her. She shot him evils then turned back to me. 

"Go away." She snarled. I shook my head. 

"Nope." I said sharply. "You don't own me, you can't tell me what to do." 

"I'm pretty much a celebrity and I'm a hell of a lot richer than you." She challenged. I let out a small laugh.

"Wanna bet?" I retorted. Laughing hysterically now. She raised her eyebrows at me. My Dad happens to own a lot of companies, even though I left to live with Mark, he still gives me a lot of the money he earns. I'm his only daughter.  Since I moved in with Mark, I had to work to get out of the house which got me more money, plus I only gave Mark one quarter of it. I never told him how rich I was. He would force me to give it to him and then he would waste it on alcohol and cigarettes. I told her how my dad owns loads of companies and he gives me a lot of money every month. 

"Lies!" She hissed. I shook my head. 

"Not lying." I laughed. She sat on a chair and sulked. 

"Were you lying?" Louis whispered in my ear. I shook my head. 

"One-hundred per cent true." I whispered back. He looked at me shocked. 

Abbi left after her sulk and Harry woke up half an hour after she left. 

"Hey guys." He grumbled, he saw me then added "Hey . . ." 

"Sophie." I told him. 

"Abbi is such a bitch!" He murmured. 

"We have all been trying to tell you that!" All the boys said in unison. 


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