The New Girl (Louis Tomlinson)

Samantha Lively is a confident girl from New York City with popularity, perfect boyfriend and designer clothes. It all changes one night, when her parents die during a car accident. She has to move to a small town in Pennsylvania to live with her aunt Kate. What happens when she meets the sexy, messy haired boy Louis Tomlinson and she starts to fall for him? (The boys are not famous in this story)


9. Chapter 9

This was it. The day I was dreading. I couldn't belive it was monday already. Or shall I say, I couldn't belive it was monday and I already had to deal with some shitty drama. I mean, I wasn't here even one week and somehow I managed to start a fight with a high school Queen Bee and sleep with the most inappropriate guy I could possibly sleep with. Her boyfriend. Well, ex-boyfriend. But still, damn I got some serious issues. 

Candice has been trying to figure out what happend the other night, but I can be really stubborn and over-protective over my own secrets. So I just mentioned I went outside to get some fresh air and hang out with some people, then I lay on the lounger next to the pool and I fell asleep. Blah, blah, blah. Yea, basically I lied. But can you blame? Don't think so.

So my plan was simple. I'm just going to act like nothing happend. No sex, no kissing, no nothing. It will be just another, ordinary school day. I walked through the corridor to get  to my locker. My first class was Math, so I took out my book and notes.

"Hey stranger," I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around to see the blond haired, green eyed boy with excited smile.

"Justin, hi," I smiled back at him. He was wearing black t-shirt, denim jacket and beige pants. He looked cool. And quite sexy. Too bad he'd rather see the P where I have the V.

"So how are you? What about the party? How was it? Oh my gosh is it true that Jackie Cassidy..." he bursted and continued talking about all the rumors  he has heard about the party. I was trying to say that I did not know if any of that stuff happened and that I just genuenly didn't care about some Jackie Cassidy or whatever, but he wouldn't let me speak. At all. So we just walked through the corridor and I listened to his speculations. A few people said hi to me as I went past them. I replied mostly absently, until I bumped into the one person I was dreading to meet. Louis.  Just keep calm, act like nothing happened, I reminded to myself.

"Wassup Lively," he said with a cheeky smile on his face and winked at me. What a jerk! Could he be even more obvious? Haven't I warned him that nobody can find about us? And he just goes and "wassup" me. He shouldn't be even talking to me. I sure as hell ain't talking to him. So I just gave him a glare and then ignored him. I could hear his short laugh behind me. As I said. Jerk.

"What was that about?" Justin asked me and I cought a suspicious look in his eyes. Great. 

"Don't know," I shrugged my shoulders innocently, "he probably thinks that just cause we're in detention together, we're best friends." I added. He just rolled his eyes and didn't dwell on it anymore. That was close. I have to do something about that messy haired idiot or soon, the whole school will know. And that can't happen.

I managed to get through Math, Social studies, ELA and French without any Louis or Valerie shit. In fact, I didn't even know if Valerie was at school today cause I haven't seen her. But who cares. I was chatting with Candice about random stuff the whole time and I haven't though about Louis. Not once. Until later that day. I was walking down the hall to get to the class where my detention was held at, when I noticed the stares and the whispering. And I wasn't imaginig. I knew exactly they were talking about me. I mean, even a retarted person would get that. Fuck. I knew this was gonna happen! Fucking Louis Tomlinson with his fucking  messy hair, fucking green eyes and his fucking penis!! I was pissed off. Seriously pissed off. I did not want to cry or hide under the table or whatever. I just wanted to beat the shit out of Louis Tomlinson.

"Awww, why so-" Louis was just about to say one of his charming phrases but I cut him off. WIth a slap. He immediately covered his now red cheek with his hand and stared at me with shock.

"What the hell was that for?!" he yelped in a suprise with a ridiculously high-pitched voice. He was acting like he had no idea what's going on. 

"You know EXACTLY what was that for," I replied with clenched teeth. Don't you dare  provoke me even more Tomlinson. I walked away before he could spill out  more bullshit and entered the detention class. I was quite proud of myself for slapping him like that. Way to go Samantha. There was only three people sitting there, doing homework and stuff so they didn't even pick their heads up when I walked in. I took a seat at the back of the class and opened some notebook, but I was focusing more on calming my nerves down than actually reading it. I realized after a few seconds later that sitting in the back was not a very good idea due to the fact that all the seats around me were empty, which gave Louis the perfect opportunity to annoy me some more. And I was not wrong. As soon as he enetered the class with Mr. Cooper behind his back and spotted the empty seat next to me, he didn't hesitate. I sighted. This is just wonderful.

"I still don't know what was it for," Louis noted in a whisper after the 10 minute uncomfortable and awkward silence. I gave him a glare.

"Don't tempt me or I swear I'm gonna slap you again," I threatened with a straight face. He was still looking at me, confused. Is he messing with me?

"You told everyone, that's what you did you moron!" I snapped at him - still in a whisper - as loud as could. "And now I have to walk around this place knowing everyone knows that I slept with you. You." I added ferociously. Don't get me wrong, I'm not usually this agressive but I swear to god Louis Tomlinson brings out the worst in me.

"That's bullshit. I haven't told anyone. Not even Harry cause he would've killed me," he replied in a perfect calmness. Liar. A little pathetic liar. How stupid does he think I am, ha? Well, I ain't buying that. Ofcourse he told Harry and the other guys of his "popular" group too. They were his best friends, he wouldn't keep something like that from them just cause I told him to. And his little friends just couldn't keep their mouths shut. 

"Yeah, right." I noted sarcastically. He stayed silent for a while and when he wanted to defend himself some more I just cut him off. "Don't even bother. I'm done talking to you." I said and he - to my satisfaction - shut up. That was it for the conversation. We had to stay the whole time - which was an hour. But still, when you got nothing to do and the most annoying person who just pisses you off by breathing sits next to you, it feels like a lifetime. Trust me. 

After that torture finally ended, I packed all my stuff and headed to my car. As soon as I got home, my phone rang . It was Candice. I sighted.  Time to explain my embarassing, drunk behaviour. Awesome.

"Hey it's me. I just heard. Are you ok?" Candice bursted at me as soon as I picked up the phone. 

"Hey. No. No I'm not ok. " I said angrily. 

"Yeah, I thought so."

"Sorry I didn't tell you....ugh, I just can't belive that moron told everyone!" I complained.

"But you told me, remember? At lunch the other day?" she replied and sounded like she was talking to a retarded person. 

"What? What are talking about?" I asked her, officially confused and I did indeed feel like a retarded person cause I had no idea what she was talking about. I mean, I haven't told her anything about Louis and me. I would not do that even if she threatened to set my last pair of Louboutin's on fire. Hell to the no.

"Well, you told me and Justin about the parent's thing and he told everyone....what were you talking about?" I stayed quiet for a while. This was not what I expected. At first, I was relieved that nobody knew about me and Louis after all.  But then, I  just got pissed off. I mean, I didn't really tell Justin to keep it a secret, but I didn't exactly expect him to walk around like "hey,guess who's parent's decided to take a long nap" either.

"Yeah,no I was talking about that... I just... ehm... totally forgot that I told you. What a jerk right?"I tryed to sound confidently but I didn't do a really good job, cause even to my own ears I sounded totally confused and nervous. 

"Yeah...are you sure-" Candice was about to dig into it some more so I quickly cut her off. "Listen I gotta go, talk to you later? Okay bye," I didn't really wait for her to answer that and I hang up and threw my phone on the bed. And then, threw myself on the bed. This day was so weird and I was so full of it. I mean, I didn't even enjoy my morning running. What a shitty day. Seriously. And the weirdest thing is that I actually felt kinda bad for Louis. You know, slapping him like that when he didn't actually do anything. But whatever, he deserved that anyway. He's annoying as hell and I'm surprised getting slapped isn't on his daily basics. I just rememberd the expresion on his face when I hit him and that ridiculous voice and I couldn't help but laugh. A lot. What a baby.

It was later that day, when I was waiting in line to get my yet another favourite coffee at Starbucks - iced caramel macciato - when I spotted them. Louis and Valerie sitting in the corner, hugging. They didn't notice me tho, they were too busy grossing everybody out with their emotional performence. I mean, Valerie was actually crying. It was so odd to see the tears on her fake face, I couldn't belive Louis fell for that. I mean, I knew he was an idiot. I  just didn't think he was that dumb. She's a freakin' attention whore  who cheated on him. He should be singing "twinkle,twinke little whore, close your legs they're not a door" instead of hugging her. I grabbed my coffee, which I was  not excited about anymore cause they totally ruined my mood (which was already kinda bouncy today) and headed home. I did my homework, studied and then listened to some music while reading The fault in our stars by John Green. Basically, everything I could possibly do to get that disturbing picture of Louis and Valerie hugging out of my head. It was then when I realized even more disturbing thing. 

The fact that I actually cared.


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